Celebrate Diversity--NOT!!!

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Imagine you've just been in a catastrophic accident and you're being rushed into the operating room at Memorial but instead of the surgical team swinging into action they just stand there doing nothing except perhaps try to make you comfortable.  You're conscious and you're wondering why they are waiting while the clock on your "golden hour" is ticking away.  You manage to ask what's the holdup and a nurse informs you that they have only white surgeons on duty and in order to have a diverse operating crew they need a Hispanic surgeon--but not to worry, he's on the way back from Statesboro and should be here in a half-hour or so depending on the traffic.  Think that's far fetched?  Racist?  Conspiracy theorist?  Actually that's where this "celebrating diversity" garbage is taking us.   

Don't think so?  You're living in a dream world.  The attitude now is the employee pool has to "look like America."  What the heck does that mean that there should be a river, mountains and a fruited plane nearby? To the radicals it means you have to have a mixture of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, transgenders, LGBT representatives and the list goes on.  If not, get ready to hear from the American Communist Lovers Union (ACLU) and their ilk  and head to federal court to defend your hiring practices.  It doesn't matter a bit if they are qualified to actually do their jobs...it just has to "look like America."  

Colleges are accepting new students on a ratio, air traffic controllers, medical schools (yes, medical schools) and I'm sure law schools are no longer taking the best of the best or who did best on the entrance exams.  The campus has to be "diverse" or these poor tender souls are going to be shattered and now know how to live in in the "real world."  If 500 Asian students applied to Georgia Tech and all 500 met the requirements and had perfect SAT or ACT scores, Tech could not accept all of them, even if they had room.  They might take the top 10-percent and then look elsewhere for a few whites, blacks, Hispanics--you know the drill--and accept them to fill the freshman class but here's the rub--for those students the standards are lower.  In many cases, much lower.  Colleges are all fired up about diversity of color and gender but not of thought, however.  You don't toe the liberal line you can easily flunk the course(s).  

So let's say you managed to survive that aforementioned catastrophic accident because traffic was low and your super-duper Hispanic surgeon got to you on time.  You recover and decided to go on a nice vacation to the Canadian Rockies.  You get on your plane and notice that it's sitting at the gate longer than it should and takeoff time has long-since come and gone.  Then the announcement comes: "Ladies and gentlemen--and others--we're waiting on the female pilot who's coming in on Delta 507 from Denver and the plane is a half-hour late.  We apologize for the delay but we just can't take off with an all-male crew on the flight deck. We know you'll be much happier and have a much more pleasant flight if there's a more diverse flight crew.  Have some pretzels." Oh, and by the way this female pilot has never really flown an airplane before but she has watched videos , flown drones and studied the FAA manuals so she knows most of the rules.  

This political correctness run amuck is destroying American...and what's America going to look like then? President Trump is running into the same cretins who keep pointing to his cabinet and saying, "SEE!!! He's a RACIST!!!  Just about everybody's white!"  Well excuse me, I don't want a cabinet or anything else that "looks like America" I want a cabinet that thinks like Americans and are qualified to do their job! If they all black, suits me, all Hispanic, all female, all you-name-it is just fine as long as they can do the job! Not like President Bill Clinton's Surgeon General who, after some mass shootings, that "...we need safer guns and safer bullets!"  Yeah!  That's it!  Don't know why we were so stupid not to think of that ourselves!  

If we don't put the brakes on this stupid diversity rubbish soon America is doomed!  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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