All Helsinki Braking Loose

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How refreshing to see the Democretins and lamestream media suddenly care so much about national security. Welcome to the party!  To hear them cry "treason"--a word I didn't even know was in their lexicon--because President Trump had a two-hour behind-closed-doors meeting with 'Rootin', Tootin'" Putin would be hysterical if it were a Saturday Night Live skit (they could use something funny) but unfortunately it's real life.  No doubt we're living in a parallel universe.  When I heard the poster boy for pencil-neck geeks, Congressman Adam Schiff worrying that President Trump could have given Vlad-baby top-secret information it was priceless and whoever he was talking to on the Communist News Network (CNN) was just as stupid as he was.  Then came a stream of other Dembulbs on BS-DNC and the other alphabet networks wringing their hands and bemoaning that the Russian takeover was now more dangerous than climate change!!! 

Interesting that the FBI director just this week said that China was the biggest threat to us--not Russia.  But why let facts stand in the way of a Trump rant?  Truth? Research?  The networks don't need no stinkin' RESEARCH!  They think they finally have the silver bullet from the smoking gun...the last 3,500 or so they've tried over the last 18 months haven't worked--but THIS IS IT! It's Watergate on steeriods.  They've saved the planet--Pulitzer committee are you tuned in?

So Trump accomplished in two hours behind closed doors that Barry Sotoro (a-k-a Barrack Obama) couldn't accomplish in eight years of selling out America?  Where was the "watchdog" press then?  Where was this loyalty to America and concern for national security When Barry took Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev by the hand and whispered, "Tell Vladimir I'll have more flexibility on missiles after I'm reelected."  That alone should have prevented his reelection if the media had done it's job.  But like they avoided every other anti-American move and policy, they were silent as the Spinx.  Where was their sense of outrage as he cut the military budget to shreds?  One of his first official acts was to axe the F-22 fighter jet program.  A video done by the Department of Defense showed a mock "dog fight" between an F-22 and six or eight F-18s.  The F-22 took them all out and every F-18 pilot said to a man, "I never saw it." 

Where was the Demobulbs and lamestream media's concern about national security over Barry trading five terrorists for a trator?  When he sided with every thug killed in a police shooting?  Made a deal with Iran to get nuclear weapons and then gave them $160,000,000 to do it with and fund more terrorism worldwide?  When he let illegal aliens pour into the country bringing disease and draining our treasury and scattering them around the country?  When he locked some of the illegal alien children in cages?  Have they been re-united with their parents?  Come on Dateline, 20-20, 60 Minutes where's your investigation on those stories?  How 'bout the Hildabeast selling 20 percent of our uranium reserves to Vlad Baby?  Or when she and Barry left four brave Americans to die in Benghazi?  But what difference does it make, eh Hillary?  There excuse that the media "bought" was there wasn't enough time, help was too far away.  Intersting the commanding general and fleet admiral who ordered rescue missions were overruled by Washington, the missions aborted and those two officers were releaved on command.  Just a coincidence I'm sure!  

Hey "Pencil Neck" Schiff--you don't have to worry that Vlad-baby got top secret information; he'd already hacked Clinton's servers and other DNC computers.  Hilly's right-hand man, John Podesta had a lot of that stuff on his computer(s) and he is so tech-savvy his password is "password."  Those damn clever Russians finally figured it out.  Haven't seen code breaking like that since World War II when we had the desire to actually win wars.  They already have a lot of that stuff and the Chinese are leading the pack, Adam!  Have you seen the new Chinese stealth fighter?  Looks a lot like ours?  But just a coincidence I'm sure, just like all the others.  

No Adam and the rest of the Democreeps and media vermin, Donald Trump is not guilty of treason or threat to national security--YOU ARE!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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