Sacred Illegals

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How did illegal aliens become "rock stars" with a God-given right to be in America and totally immune to all of our laws?  What makes these folks so special that, rather than come in the country through the proper procedures, they just walk across the southern boarder. Suddenly as soon as they step across the "line" an amazing transformation takes place.  They become sacred, a halo magically appears over their heads and they are entitled to food stamps, Section 8 housing, a job (or not), and, unlike Monopoly, they don't need a Get Out of Jail Free card they're exempt from going to jail at all.  But if some clueless law enforcement officer makes the unthinkable mistake of taking them there, they're released quicker than Lindsay Lohan and the officer may be suspended without pay for a week or two if not fired.  How could they have been so stupid and callous?  And if some incompetent ICE agent has the gaul to deport them, he could be protested and the illegal champ can return as many times as he/she likes and stay as long as they want.  We flesh-and-blood creeps who are here legally are bottomless pits who are the real guilty ones for being stingy since we don't want to share the wealth and learn Spanish so we can speak with them giving them the respect and adoration they deserve.  

An illegal alien picks up a gun in San Francisco, doesn't know what it is, of course, the gun goes off accidentally we're told and a beautiful young 32-year-old lady, Kate Steinle is fatally wounded dying in her horrified father's arms begging for his help which he could not provide even if he'd been a trauma surgeon scurbbed and gloved and in the operating room.  What happened to the this rock star who'd been departed five (or was it six or seven) times?  NOTHING!  Just like Hillary Clinton, he didn't mean to do it--it was a mistake and to quote that great American hero James Comey, "no reasonable prosecutor" should go after him.. Illegal drunk drivers mow down honest, hard-working tax paying American citizens who deserve their right to live but apparently the left--mostly Democretins--have seen an asterisk in the Constitution which they think says we don't have a right to life if killed by an illegal alien.  Their specious argument is that Americans kill Americans too so what's the big deal?  Isn't that enough?  Do we need to import more murderers and drug dealers when we seem to have more than enough of our own?  

So in the tenuous logic of the looney (and quite dangerous) left, Kate Steinle would have been killed by a legal American that day and all those murdered by MS-13 (not to be confused with MS-NBC) or illegal alien drunk drivers would have been killed by American gang members and American drunk drivers. They must go along with that religion that believes when your "number" is up--it's up!  You were going to die that day anyway, if the precious illegal alien(s) didn't do it--someone legal would have! Nothing to see here folks!  In fact, it probably would have been done by ICE agents--and that's why we need to get rid of this scourge on the planet.  

Now comes the latest in this saga from Portland, Oregon--speaking of ICE.  Professional thugs, goons and various and sundry communists and other Democrats are out protesting and harassing ICE officers and employees and were blocking them from their federal offices in Portland.  Threats and intimidation getting so bad and dangerous that they called Portland Police for help--and the mayor Ted Wheeler told them to "stand down."  Big Wheeler ( a Democrat)  doesn't like ICE because they're "separating illegal children from their illegal parents" or some such garbage he's made up. And these protesters, according to the mayor, were being peaceful.  You know, exercising their First Amendment rights.  They, of course, were doing anything but being peaceful.  A nearby food truck was serving some ICE personnel and that wouldn't stand with these "peaceful" protestors.  They not only surrounded the truck, they told the couple who owned the business that if they continued to serve ICE personnel their daughter would be killed according to a report on Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel Tuesday night.  These peace-loving folk also followed ICE employees to their day care facilities making threats and even following some of them home!  

Where's the outcry from the Dembulbs on Capitol Hill or elsewhere?  Where's the media?  Was it mentioned on Morning Joke  or the Communist News Network.  Where's the outrage?  Has the Tea Party in Portland threatened to go to the mayor's house, threatened his wife and kids?  Have they surrounded him and spit on him?  Have any restaurants in Portland refused him service and told him to go elsewhere?  WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?!  There won't be any because these protestors and the illegals are Democrat voters. This is pathetic and you can bet the usual suspects are behind this with George Soros money like Antifa and their confederates.  This has to stop and President Trump should send the U. S. Marshals to Portland and round these "peaceful" protestors up and let them exercise their First Amendment rights behind bars. no matter how angelic and chosen they are!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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