Silence of the Left

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There's an old proverb that goes: "A stich in time saves nine."  Loosely translated it simply means when you nip a problem in the bud it doesn't get worse.  Parents who call their kids down for getting rowdy in a restaurant but then they don't do anything further or, in some cases, laugh thinking they're cute, they get worse.  Same with law enforcement; ignore a problem and it's bound to get worse.  When the Baltimore riots took place a few years back, the mayor made the police stand down while these anarchists that the Communist News Network and BS-DNC justified by saying they had  a right to be angry and were exercising their First Amendment rights.  There's a vulgar street term that starts with "bull" is the catagory where idiotic logic of that nature falls.  So by doing nothing the honest, tax-paying citizens of Baltimore had to pay for several new police cars because some were trashed, rioters jumping on top of them and torching them.  Destroying their own neighborhood including the burning of a CVS pharmacy I guess knowing that the "tolerant" city officials would pay for it and rebuild it.  

Now we have a new fight from the communists and anarchists and other human debris: "abolish ICE." With the media fueling the flames of this "movement" both sides here are confusing ICE with U. S. Boarder Patrol.  The left loves to use purple prose against their enemies with fabricated claims like, "ripping babies from the arms of their mothers."  We're back to the aforementioned "bull" category.  As usual, they left made it up. Then Time Magazine--one of the great communist publications of all time--puts a picture of a crying two-year-old girl and President Trump on their cover a few weeks back with the disgusting headline "Welcome to America." The magazine has no shame (or credibility) of course but the damage is done.  Forget the fact that it was photo-shopped...the child was with her mom and crying for whatever, in case you don't know two-year-old cry a lot.  My two-year-old grandson will cry when he picks up a toy in the store when we take it from him for 20 seconds so the cashier can ring it up.  

Now with Antifa and their confederates our running around demanding ICE be abolished. It's the "usual suspects" when we even here from someone like U. S. Senator Dick Durbin (Dembulb, Illinois) calling them incompetent and irresponsible and stupid it's a disgrace.  It should be beneath Durbin's dignity but I don't think he has any to get under.  Last week in Portland, Oregon it really got nasty when these paid thugs and mobsters actually began threatening ICE employees, surrounding their office and even taking over a federal building.  Was there any news coverage from the alphabet networks about it?  Of course not...and the mayor siding with the rioters.  He said he checked it out when ICE personnel were fearing for their very lives and begging for police protection and the mayor said it wasn't so bad and refused to let the police take action!  

This past weekend there were clashes again between Antifa and other sub-morons and when the police finally were allowed to break it up they got accused of using "excessive force" by the mayor, police chief and--who else--the ACLU, the American Communist Lovers Union. Not only was there no criticism from the likes of CNN but their on-air jerks were praising the rioters and joining in solidarity with them!  Again, where is the criticism from the "tolerant" left?  What Democrat has spoken out?  What news organization other than Fox has covered it from the perspective of ICE personnel who were harassed, threatened and in some cases followed to day care facilities and their homes threatening their children.  

This is sickening and disgusting on so many levels words fail me.  Words that we can print, that is.  This has to stop if we're going to keep our country.  It's gone way too far already--so how many stiches is it going to take to fix it now?  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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