Fighting the Fights

School's back in session and so are the future Antifa warriors.  Apparently if you want to know how to street fight and riot for no reason whatsoever, New Hampstead High School is a good place to go.  If you want to go to class and learn something not so much.  This is not a total bashing of New Hampstead because I'm 100% positive that's not the only school in Chatham County or elsewhere it's just we have lots and lots of video from the fighting that some students who are scared to death claim happens 11 or 12 times A DAY! What's the answer from the SCCPSS (Savannah Chatham County Public School System)?  "We don't condone such action" and "It's not in our code of conduct."  Well THANK GOD for that!  At the cost of something like $20,000 per student we taxpayers are on the hook for times 35,000 do the math...sure am glad our money is being so well spent.  

One has to feel for the kids who actually want to learn and get a good education who are now scared and having to put up with this nonsense.  The school system says they're going to "increase security" and those participating will be punished.  That's also good to hear but what happens to them?  The students who are behaving tell the media that this goes on constantly and suspending them doesn't do any good, they come back anyway just to cause trouble.  They say miscreants who shouldn't even be there or aren't even students show up to join in the fighting, or start it.  So what's to be done?  How do you think the school system should handle this?  These little twerps are even fighting with teachers and law enforcement personnel and nothing seems to deter them.  So they get suspended--so what?  Where do they go?  What happens when suspension is over?  They probably love suspension!  Now they have an excuse not to show up for class, they can just show up and create havoc.  

We've already seen bloodshed from these fights and how long is it going to be until someone gets seriously injured or killed in one of these brawls?  This has to stop--and sooner rather than later.  It's not a new philosophy either.  A famous pre-Socratic Greek philosopher named Hericletus (500 B.C.) said this about such irresponsible and needless behavior: "Deliberate violence is more to be quenched than a fire."  There is so much thought on so many levels behind that anything-but-simple statement.  A more modern statement says the same thing: "Nip it in the bud."  Letting it grow and giving it lip service or a simple slap on the wrist only exacerbates the situation. 

So what to do?  That's the biggest question since whatever we do is going to be challenged by the vermin in society like the ACLU (American Communist Lovers Union) and others.  Nevertheless, we need to get this miscreants out of the school and do whatever we can to keep them out to send a message to others who may just be "thinking" about causing trouble.  We're spending enough money as it is but these people have to be removed from New Hampstead or fill-in-the-blank High or middle school or elementary school.  We can't wait another day this requires immediate attention.  Surely there's a school system that's curbed a problem like this, hopefully without getting sued, and we can use them as a model.  Your thoughts?  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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