Knee Too Movement (III)

The exhibition season for the 2018 NFL season is underway and some players are still t

appreciate their country and their flag and the anthem that honors it.  What that flag symbolizes and has stood for for nearly three centuries.  Continuing their worthless protest because they say it's "social injustice" or whatever it is they are trying to draw attention to their message is falling on deaf--and angry--ears.  Note to the players who continue with this garbage: WE DON'T CARE; YOU'RE AT WORK; WE PAID THROUGH THE NOSE FOR THESE TICKETS TO WATCH YOU PLAY, NOT TO TOLERATE YOUR PROTEST!!!

These guys make millions and off the field and during off season they can protest all they want and finance and lead movements against whatever social injustice they tell us they're complaining about.  Hard-working Americans who spend a week's salary--or more--to attend an NFL game these days is not something they want to see.  They pay to park, they pay for very expensive tickets, concessions, and other items for the kids they "just have to have" and you can bet it's a $500-plus outing if it's a dime.  It's supposed to be a release from the real world, entertainment and fun.  It's not supposed to be a political rally.

Part of the blame goes to what passes for (mostly) public education today but I'm sure a lot of the private institutions are just as far out in "left field" as the public ones.  Schools these days teach very little American History and one institution of higher learning now gives a BA degree in history without American History as a requirement to receive said degree.  Pathetic.  And the history about us that is taught is usually how "mean and evil" we are, especially those evil European white guys.  We stole this land from the Indians--er native Americans (who actually were not native but let's not let facts get in the way of a good story).  We owned slaves, ya know!  Of course we know....the left won't let us forget it!   

One of the arguments for establishing public schools in the first place (there's  nothing in the Constitution requiring them) was so we could teach patriotism to our young.  So they could learn about our unique greatness and importance of our way of life and government.  Our history should be taught, warts and all and how we've literally saved the world a t ime or two or three.  Why is that while some media and teachers tell us how horrible this place is why are so many trying to get here legally or otherwise?  For awhile that model of teaching patriotism worked.  We prayed the Lord's Prayer just about every morning when I was going to public schools here.  (Charles Ellis, Jacob G. Smith, Sprague, Chatham Junior High,  Mercer Junior High, and Groves High).  We read from the Bible in homeroom and recited the Pledge.  No one sat or demonstrated during the Pledge and no one tried to sue anybody because they were "offended."  And, by the way, there was never a school shooting and I can count on one hand the number of playground fights that broke out.  Think there's a connection?   

God's word is taught and no school shootings--NEVER!  God is expelled--shootings galore, rioting where students and teachers are beaten and killed.  Coincidence--really?  These sub-morons in the NFL protesting now probably had teachers (if they went to class) who never mentioned God, unless they said He didn't exist, put America down for stealing the land from the Indians, destroyed the land and caused global warming.  So how would they know about the greatness of America?  We darn well better start teaching it again and let God back in or we're doomed--like Satin, the left never sleeps!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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