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If your doctor told you that you were dangerously close to developing a ailment of some sort and gave you a remedy of what to do to prevent it, would you follow his advice or just keep doing what you had been doing ignoring the doctor's advice?  Or, would you double-down on what you were doing to make it worse?  Third possibility: do what the doctor told you?  I'd pick "door number three."  It would seem logical to try to prevent something that could change your life with the need for prescription medicine, surgery or even death.  One would think the LAST thing you would do is double down on whatever activity was bring said problem on.

The media is not taking that kind of advice.  A new national survey shows that 71 percent of us Americans do not trust today's news media.  President Trump is famous for calling it "fake news" and although he wasn't the first one to come up with that expression he's the one who's made it stick.  It would be logical for the media to take  notice and do something to improve its credibility.  But what are they doing instead?  Doubling down on fake news which is exactly what it is.  CNN and many newspapers have had to backtrack on so many stories it's made crawfish envious.  BS-NBC wouldn't backtrack or apologize for their pathetic stupidity if their collective lives depended on it.   We don't call their morning show The Morning Joke for nothing!

Doubling down continues today with the Boston Globe leading the charge along with 300 other papers nationwide attacking President Trump for calling it "fake news" and accusing the media of being an "enemy of the people."  They are wrapping this in the guise of an "attack on free speech and the First Amendment.."  BALONEY!  When you publish or broadcast information that is false--and you KNOW that it's false--and you fabricate stories you ARE and enemy of the people.  It's the old "yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater" theory that is not covered by free speech.  How many people might be injured or even killed if one did yell such an alarm when it was false?  Do you think that person would be held responsible for those injuries and perhaps involuntary manslaughter if someone died?  YOU BET!  

The president is not talking about all media anymore than he was talking about all Mexicans being murders, rapists and drug dealers.  He was talking about the dangers of just opening our boarders to anyone without proper vetting. But the media these days doesn't let the facts stand in the way of a good story of a chance to bash the president if the sun comes up in the east again.  It's one thing to get items confused in the early part of a story and misinformation can get out when scrambling to be first with a breaking story.  It's nice to be first but first you ought to be right (correct).  Remember the initial reports about the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary?  It went like this: "there may be multiple shooters....the shooters mother, who was a kindergarten teacher at the school was shot and killed, he may have killed his father too."  The only truth in those statements was that he'd killed his mother, however, she was not a kindergarten teacher nor was she even there.  He'd killed her at home before going to the school to begin his rampage.  To a degree those false accusations are understandable and forgivable since it was a "breaking" story and very little is known.  

But it's another to say on the day Trump took office that one of the first things he did was get rid of the bust of Martin Luther King in the Oval Office.  That was from a "reporter" from Time Magazine one of our most famous communist publications and has been for some time.  He'd done no such thing and the reporter had seen a photo taken from such an angle that the said bust was blocked out of the shot.  I think they later retracted the story but lots of damage was done.  But that's minor compared to the other accusations the media has made about this president including talking to some Harvard professor calling the president mentally ill having never met him much less doing an exam.  That's been echoed over and over especially on the Communist News Network and BS-DNC.  Joe and What's-Her-Face don't need to come to work anymore, they could just tape one episode and let it run every morning, they story never changes.  They are on the verge of tears every morning crying over what the president said at a rally the night before like standing up for our farmers or law enforcement personnel.  

So instead of looking in the mirror and find out why 71 percent of us don't trust them anymore and doing something about it.  They can't get over the fact that the American public was too stupid to follow their advice and their prediction that the Hildabeast would win the 2016 election in the biggest landslide since Lyndon Johnson beat Barry Goldwater.  They still think we're stupid and they are trying to prove it by giving false naratives about how "crazy" he is and they (the media) has been right all along.  They are also in "Watergate" mode trying to remove this president from office.  The fact that it hasn't already happened and that they haven't found the "silver bullet" to get YOU to turn against him has frustrated them to no end.  They get up every morning praying that today's the day! They think they are bound to get something as they artificially hold up the Muller investigation farce that should be investigating the Democretins and the Hildabeast.  

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they think you're stupid and they know best and they're just trying to prove it to you and if they can't get rid of him with their "fake news" then they hoping at least they'll turn enough supporters away from he to prevent his re-election in 2020.  Make no mistake, fake news is the enemy of the people.  Do I need to remind you that the New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for a series they did in the 1940's about Soviet leader Joseph Stalin's "wonderful" farm program that was so successful.  Let me refresh your memory and you can do further research: a New York Times reporter named Walter Duranty worked the Moscow bureau for fourteen years from 1922 until 1936. He began reporting on how wonderful Stalin's farm program that was a complete failure and ignoring the starvation in the Ukraine.  After getting the  Pulitzer for that other reporters who were more concerned about the truth than an award started exposing Duranty what did he do?  He doubled down saying that Stalin's program had its flaws but was necessary because these people (farmers) had no concept of liberty and freedom--that was a foreign concept to them he reported and denied the starvation issue.  They had to have a dictator to tell them what to do he reported.  

To their credit, the NYT, which submitted Duranty's work for the Pulitzer in 1932 did do an about-face only 38 years later!  In 1990, they wrote and Duranty's false reports denying the starvation in the Ukraine constituted "some of the worst reporitng to appear in this paper."  Well, that didn't take long at all!  But the call for the Pulitzer Prize committee to revoke his award fell on deaf ears.  It has never been revoked and the Times still counts it among their accolades. Pathetic!  Yes--fake news IS the enemy of the people, the President is right but he's not painting us all with the same brush as they would have you believe because, after all, they're fake news and proud of it!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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