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Payback is brutal.  The Senate Democrats still have their collective shorts in a wad over their Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland never getting his "day in court"--pun intended.  So horrified that President Donald Trump, less than two years into his presidency is getting a second Supreme Court appointment has them losing what's left of their minds.  And "Darth Vader" Ginsburg is no spring chicken. When the president nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the latest vacancy the Dembulbs went into high gear to throw everything they could at him to keep him off the highest court in the land.  The usual tactics fell flat as started with the usual tried-and-true accusations like he would overturn Roe v. Wade (goodness knows the left loves killing children--about 40 million so far) and I thought they didn't want families separated?  Guess they have to be Hispanics in order to care about family separation.  Suppose the Dems also seemed to forget he has only one vote on the court, so he couldn't overturn that wicked piece of garbage though he might wish to. Then they tried to accuse him of being a puppet of President Trump by giving him the ability to pardon himself.  

Judge Kavanaugh underwent the reenactment of a Star Wars Barroom scene that the media called "hearings."  Time and again the left-wing loons tried to get him to tell them how he'd vote on specific cases and issues.  He didn't take the bate and, unlike most of us, didn't lose his cool and remained respectful throughout.  The left was hoping to keep the two main middle-of-the-road Republicans, Susan Collins (R-ME) and  Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) with the Roe v. Wade crap.  That wasn't working so the left like Code Stink (Pink) and their confederates began a bullying campaign of showing up at their offices and residents and Senator Collins got a giant cutout of a male sex organ.  That made Collins mad and she's dug in her heels on the issue (thank goodness).  None of the usual underhanded and pathetic tactics was doing the job.  Then came the "Hail Mary!"

With all the indications that Judge Kavanaugh was going to become the next Supreme Court Justice, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) did a "Doug Flutie."  On the eve of the vote to put him forward to the entire Senate where his approval seemed assured, Feinstein dropped back to pass and began waving a piece of paper claiming it was a letter from an "anonymous" woman "...who wishes to remain unidentified..." saying Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her--when?--in HIGH SCHOOL!  That worked like the proverbial "charm."  Combined with the #MeToo movement which has sunk so many Democrats recently perhaps it'll work on Republicans too.  She's getting her wish on what is obviously a well-orchestrated anti-Kavanaugh campaign.  As Rush would say, DON'T DOUBT ME!  If Di-Fi really thought that this woman was going to be kept anonymous she's dumber than even thought she was.  The complicit lamestream media was bound to jump on this like "white on rice" or, to be diverse, "brown on rice."  

Ms. Feinstein let it "slip" that this woman was now at Stanford University, one of the great bastians of Communism.  So all the so-called "investigative reporters"  had to do was grab Kavanaugh's year book, look at all the girls and cross-reference them with any female on the Stanford campus.  We could automatically eliminate Katie Ledecky and her swimming teammates and go from there.  Her anonymity disappeared faster than snow in Miami Beach. Feinstein and "Up-Chuck" Schumer (D-NY)--I fully believe they were in cahoots--knew the lamestream cretins who are salivating over any issue to trash President Trump would turn this into the The Jerry Springer Show on steroids.  The left is looking to destroy another fine human being just as they did Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork.  Schumer says he actually believe this woman, though she can't remember where it was, when it was and is even confused on the year even though it was day-before-yester.....oh wait!...it was over 40 years ago.  But Schumer is the type of guy who'd put a rattlesnake in your pocket and then ask you for a match. 

Now the Democretins are calling for Judge Kavanaugh to come before them along with his accuser on Monday.  If you thought the regular hearings were a circus wait for this!  Maury Povich is going to be green with envy! And by the way, this woman turns out to be a professor at Stanford and a HUGE liberal and anti-Trump activist.  She spent this past weekend trying to scrub her activist crap from her Facebook page.  Perhaps she should have checked in with the Hildabeast on how to destroy that stuff--she's an expert.   These people have no shame and it's a sad day in America that this is happening to a fine man who has already passed six--COUNT 'EM, SIX--FBI investigations!  Nothing about this has ever come up.  Sixty-five women who have been associated with Judge Kavanaugh all the way back to high school are standing up for him including two women who dated him.  The media is now saying that all but two of them have now backed down.  PUH-LEEZE!  As one of those ladies put it, the others don't want the media beating their doors down and pester them and their families.  This should be beneath the dignity for even the Democretins but apparently they're bottomless pits.  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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