How Do You Unring a Bell?

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 "You can't unring a bell."  An oft-used term the late, great Paul Harvey would often use when someone,  some organization or company was besmirched by false accusations.  In other words, once accused of fill-in-the-blank, no matter how thin the evidence if there is any evidence or they just make it up like accusing of President George W. Bush and Karl Rove setting explosive devices in the Twin Towers and that's why they collapsed.  That is as stupid and ridiculous a theory as space aliens took that Malaysian Air passenger jet that disappeared four years ago.  Believe it or not, Ripley, there are some who believe both of those statements...probably the same crowd that believes chocolate milk comes from brown cows.  

Case-in-point, Brett Kavanaugh who has been nominated by President Trump for the vacancy on the Supreme Court, has about a squeaky-clean reputation as anyone ever nominated.  Everyone who's known him from elementary school up have had nothing but glowing remarks for him.  Fellow workers and colleagues have sung his praises--especially women who worked with him for years.  Sixty-five women who knew him from high school and college, including two who dated him in high school have said he was nothing less than a perfect gentleman.  When it came to parties and drinking, Kavanaugh might have had a beer or two but he was always the "designated driver" type guy who never got out of hand.  

Having been on the bench for over a dozen years, Kavanaugh has undergone and passed six--COUNT 'EM, SIX--FBI background checks.  How many of us could pass six FBI investigations?  So the only objection to his sitting on the Supreme Court would be that you hate the Constitution and don't want another Justice who will stick to it.  And that's what the Dembulbs have been going after him about.  Their first salvo is always the "horror" of his working to overturn Roe v. Wade because the left seems to anxious to kill babies.  We could probably use those 40,000,000 or so they've managed to destroy so far to fill jobs we're having to fill with "imports."  And who knows how many wonderful surgeons, engineers, scientists, teachers have been destroyed in the womb?  Perhaps we've killed the scientist that could have cured Aids or something.  We'll never know.  But nothing the left threw at him has stuck, until......

Then in the eleventh hour along comes the infamous "smoking gun" who wishes to remain "anonymous" like that's going to happen in this day and age and too-damn-nosy reporters who believe the public should know everything including top-secret information if they can get hold of it.  She accuses Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her not a month ago, not a year or so ago when they were working together or something.  This happened in high school 36 years ago except she can't remember exactly where, exactly when, or the year.  But since Roe v. Wade is so damn important to the left to keep Planned Parenthood in business this woman has to be believed.  And since the Democretins have no shame and have exhibited no conscience whatsoever, Brett Kavanaugh has to be destroyed.  Forget the fact that behavior like this has a pattern and there is none.  The left could care less about how this is affecting him personally, his wife, his daughters (and I thought they cared so much about children and families but I guess that's just for illegal aliens).  During that Star Wars barroom scene called "hearings" Mrs. Kavanaugh took their kids out of the room it got so bad.  His parents came to the hearings so proud that their son was about to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States were brought to tears over the shabby treatment by the Dems.  

Suddenly all the women who have stood up for Judge Kavanaugh are ignored. Every woman who worked for or with him, dated him in high school, college and on into law school said he was a perfect gentleman.  They've sung his praises as never doing anything sexually inappropriate and was nothing but polite and respectful to women.  No matter--they believe the accuser who "wished to remain anonymous" but for some reason retained a political activist lawyer in August.  The letter she wrote to the Washington Compost  and Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) in July.  So Di-Fi had this letter for nearly three months and never breathed a word of it during the hours and hours of grueling and embarrassing questioning in the regular hearings.  Since it was inevitable Kavanaugh was going to be approved she pulls this "rabbit" out of her hat like David Copperfield producing the "silver bullet."  And all these scumbags who refused to believe all the women who came forth to accuse President Bill Clinton of sexual assault and even rape were ignored and the Hildabeast went into character assassination mode.  

The Dembulbs selective outrage is incredible.  Ted Kennedy let a woman die in his car and never went for help--he was revered and even given accolades by a group claiming he was a "champion of women."  Mary Jo probably wouldn't agree with that if she were still alive to object.  Even now,  Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) has been accused by his former girlfriend, Karen Monahan, of domestic abuse with highly-credible evidence is being ignored and not believed.  Ellison has since gone on to win the Democratic nomination for Minnesota attorney general!  Pathetic!  The DNC says they take the allegations seriously and are looking into it.  If you believe that I have an old bridge here I'd like to sell you.  

So the question is, where does Brett Kavanaugh go to get his reputation back?  How do you unring a bell?  Disgusting!  We've come a long sad road from the words of Founding Father John Adams who said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  "Moral and religious" is light years away from the left.  Just remember you can't spell "Democrat" without r-a-t.   

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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