Left Wing Ice Cream Just Add Nuts!

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have long been left-wing advocates and activists.  The co-founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream they've done quite well for themselves.  But like most leftists they fell guilty about their success and making so much money.  So they went on the proverbial nation-wide search for a new CEO and while the entries were overwhelming most were not close to being qualified.  One even wrote a poem title, "Don't Hire Me"--and they took the advice.  But finding someone qualified to work for so little didn't go over well and they had to finally hire someone for more than they planned .  Of course, if they were so adverse to making a profit then why do they charge $7 or more for a measly pint? Blue Bell--one of the few manufacturers still putting their product in half-gallon containers--charge about the same and if you shop right you can usually find it on sale for about $4.50.  

There is nothing at all wrong with Ben & Jerry's frozen treats, of course...they taste great and they have some really great names for their flavors like Chunky Monkey which is banana-flavored ice cream with walnuts or something.  Then there's Cherry Garcia, the name pretty much says it all and is a play on the name of Grateful Dead lead singer, Jerry Garcia; Chubby Hubby; Urban Bourbon.  Cute huh?  They must have a staff that sits up nights thinking up this stuff.  

So what are they doing now?  They want to come up with seven new flavors named for seven U. S. Congressional candidates. Fine...and I suppose some of the money raised would go toward those respective campaign's general funds or something.  They are Pennsylvania candidate Jess King, Illinois candidate Lauren Underwood, Ohio candidate Aftab Pureval, Iowa candidate J. D. Sholten, California candidate Ammar Campa Najjar, Colorado candidate Stephany Rose Spaulding, and Kansas candidate James Thompson.  After doing some modest research and looking at their respective websites there was something quite disturbing:  they all looked great and they sounded like Republicans!  All, to a candidate, talked about their grass roots, many served in the military, one was a minister (Rev.Dr. Stephane Rose Spaulding of the Colorado 5th District).  All want to fight for good jobs, new opportunities, Constitutional rights, all-inclusive, and on and on.  And I'm sure they're all for the "Diversity" myth too.

Their campaign websites look good and sound good but I've not seen their TV ads nor heard their radio spots either.  And in this day and age there are PACs who come up with their own ads not necessarily approved by the official campaign...but those officials aren't usually stopping those ads either.  The average voter may fall for their claims and with all the anti-Trump media buzz the Dembulbs could find themselves in power again.  The way they've operated in the past they would take these newcomers under their wing and basically read them the "riot act."  In other words, if the freshmen want to advance, have plum committee assignments they'll toe the party line or else.  

So I look forward to your flavor names for these "wonderful" Dems. But quite frankly what does it mean for a product or company to get political.  The press release was quick to point out that this effort by the co-founders was separate from Ben & Jerry's, Inc. makers of the ice cream sold in stores.  Do they actually think the public will make that distinction and that they could lose sales because of this?  Unfortunately, there are enough anti-Trumpers out there who are crazy enough to pay $7 for a pint of ice cream. After all Bob Woodward's new anti-Trump book, Smear--er--Fear has already sold over a million copies.  Sad.

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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