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Are the Republicans still playing the "Charlie Brown" game with the Democreaps hoping the "Lucy" will finally keep the football down long enough for him to kick it?  All the Dems want an investigation by the FBI on Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh who, up until three weeks ago, seemed like a shoe-in to become the next Supreme Court justice.  A great family man on the federal bench for over a decade with an unblemished record and all of his employees and colleagues and associates attested to his sterling character.  The women who worked for him could have have had higher praise for the way he treated them.  Several who had dated him in high school, college, and law school attested to the fact that he was a perfect gentleman.  The high school "steady" even said how excited her parents were that she was dating such an upstanding young man.  Sixty five woman over the years that worked for and with him agreed absolutely above reproach.  One of those women is a national radio and television talk show host, Laura Ingraham who clerked for Judge Kavanaugh for several years.  Not ONE accused him of anything sexually inappropriate.  

During the congressional hearings with Judge Kavanaugh the Dems tried to throw things against the wall hoping something would stick. They especially were worried that he would turn back their favorite piece of "legislation from the bench" ruling of Roe v. Wade.  Yes, the political party that says they're SOOOO concerned about the treatment of children coming across our border and "separated from their parents" don't bat an eye at millions of children being killed in the womb which, unless I'm mistaken, is permanent separation from their parents.  He wouldn't bite...he kept telling those who brought it up that it was "...already established law."  Of course so was slavery once upon a time.  But nothing seemed to stop the Kavanaugh path to the Supreme Court bench.  The hearings were complete and the numbers were added up and Brett Kavanaugh was about to be voted on by the full Senate and there was no doubt that he would be confirmed and should now be sitting on the Court. 

But hold the phone...Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) seems to have "forgotten" something.  Seems she has a letter that's been collecting dust on her desk from six or seven weeks back.  A letter from a woman who "wished to remain anonymous."  Forget the fact that she'd hired a lawyer, taken a polygraph test (and of course she "passed!"), and wrote another letter to the Washington Compost.  Other than that...you tell me.  And oh, by the way, she's a registered Democretin and activist,  a Trump hater who has participated in these left-wing women's marches.  She claims that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her and tried to rape her when they were in high school 36 years ago--or was it 37?  She can't remember the exact time, the exact place, and she told no one for some three decades.  Di-Fi, the woman who had no idea she had a Chinese spy on her (and that means our) payroll for 20 years, demanded and investigation.  And whatever the Dembulbs want, the Dembulbs get.  Someone PLEASE send a memo to the Republicans they have control of the House, Senate and the White House and we gave them that majority to stop this crap and want them to grow a spine for a change.  

As if by the magic of Professor Snape at Hogwarts waving his wand all those women who attested to Kavanaugh's sterling character evaporated. They say an FBI investigation has to be done.  The fact that he'd already had six--COUNT 'EM, SIX--FBI investigations apparently was of no avail--somehow they missed this story and this woman.  One of those included giving him a top secret clearance to work as an attorney for President George W. Bush in the White House.  An investigation of this nature is absolutely thorough beyond belief.  They talk to everybody you can imagine and some you can't.  So they missed this the first six times they investigated him but a seventh time will be the "silver bullet."  And if cleared if you think the Dems are going to be satisfied you're living in a parallel universe where  justice is served.  In their dreams, the Dembulbs want Robert Muller to investigate this just as soon as he wraps up his worthless probe of President Trump.  That shouldn't take more than the 36 years it took for Dr. Ford to come forward--oops...she wanted to remain anonymous didn't she?  My bad!  

And after last week's Star Wars barroom scene it still looked like Kavanaugh would get the nod from the committee and to be voted on by today as this is written.  But who should flake out from the Republican side?  That tower of tapioca Senator Jeff Flake who must have channeled his inner John McCain and after saying he would vote for confirmation of Kavanaugh, withdrew his support without an FBI investigation.  And what changed his mind?  A woman yelled at him on an elevator.  And lucky for us CNN's cameras just happened to be there and these women just happened to be allowed in after these hearings and the one yelling the loudest just happened to be a female activist associated with leftist organizations financed by George Soros.  What a coincidence!  Flake took the bait and caved in like the proverbial cheap mattress. He said his "yes" vote would require an FBI investigation of "one week."  And the circus continues...this incredibly embarrassing nonsense that has destroyed a fine man and his family.  

And why, pray tell, is Jeff Flake sitting on this committee in the first place?  He is not running for reelection and as far as I'm concerned that should disqualify him or anybody else from sitting in judgement on anyone.  This is nothing more than stall tactics and to delay and delay and delay.  Dr. Ford's story has more holes than Swiss cheese and is hurting the women who were actually raped.  Perhaps she did have something traumatic happen to her in high school but it probably was not Brett Kavanaugh. Republicans need to get a titanium transfusion into their spines and vote this fine man onto the Supreme Court.

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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