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A book published in 1948 by George Orwell (born Eric Arthur Blair) published a book titled Nineteen Eighty Four a futuristic look of how a "utopian" world on a Communist base would look.  There were ministries for "Love" which oversees torture and brainwashing; "Plenty" which oversees shortages and rationing; "Peace" which oversees war and atrocity; and "Truth" which oversees propaganda and historical revisionism. It takes place in a province called Oceania and is ruled by a "Party" headed by some mysterious leader known only as "Big Brother."  The Party stamps out anyone who does not fully conform to their regime using the "Thought Police" and there's constant surveillance through devices such as "Telescreens" which are two-way televisions.  And one of the characters Syme is in charge of writing their dictionary for a revised version of the English language called "Newspeak" designed to reduce the capacity of human thought.  

If any of this sounds remarkably familiar there's a good reason...Orwell only missed his prediction by about thirty years. We're not in that "utopia" yet but the left certainly wants us to take that trip and doing everything in their power to see it becomes a reality.  The only reason we're not there is because we finally put the brakes on that train when we elected Donald Trump two years ago.  Had the Hildabeast made it to the White House it would still be full speed ahead.  But that hasn't stopped their efforts to destroy America. The level of civility is at an all-time low if there's any at all from the "tolerant" left.  It's getting down right dangerous and could very well turn deadly.  It's only by the grace of God that Congressman Steve Scalise is still alive and the rest of the Republican reps who were with him on that baseball diamond that day when the Bernie Sanders' supporter began shooting at them.  The only reason that shooting didn't become a massacre was because Scalise, as the number-three Congressman had a security detail and the Capitol Police were there to shoot back and kill the shooter.  Had he left practice three minutes earlier that shooting would have been a bloodbath!  Media coverage of the event was lasted about two weeks.  There was very little exchorating of his actions by any of the Democrats or the lamestream media.  

After the Brett Kavanaugh debacle and the media and Dembulbs made complete jackasses of themselves, we see these Hillary-voter anarchists outside angrily screaming, crying, writhing in anguish.  These (mostly women) are showing monumental naivete believing Kavanaugh's accuser of sexual assault--in high school!--when, even by her own admission he never even got her clothes off.  Let's quickly look at  her story from 36 years--or was it 35?--ago: she doesn't know what house, doesn't remember how she got there, doesn't remember who invited her, doesn't remember how she got home.  The four people she said could verify her story can't--they don't remember it happening, she never mentioned it to them, and one said she didn't even know Brett Kavanaugh.  Yet she is 100-percent sure who her attacker was.  This goes against 65 women who were close friends, several of whom dated him in high school, college and law school said he was always a perfect gentleman, others who worked for him over the past 30-plus years who lauded how well he treated and promoted them.  He had undergone six FBI investigations where nothing of the nature his accuser claims showed up. Furthermore, Kavanaugh, when he worked in the George W. Bush White House, had a top secret clearance and was responsible for carrying the "football" the briefcase carrying the nuclear codes.  If you don't think that FBI investigation isn't as thorough you are sadly mistaken.  But none of that mattered to this mind-numbed robotic crowd.  They believed this almost completely incredulous story.  Now it's one thing for these anarchists to fall for her story but for the likes of Senator Up-Chuck Schumer and his confederates to say the accuser's story was credible and they believed her.  Someone they'd never met vs. someone they'd known for years and had voted on his elevation to the federal bench. Unbelievable!

As for the anarchists: the same media and Democretins who loathed the Tea Party, adored this bunch.  Just like the "Occupy Walnuts" they have been lauded as "exercising their First Amendment rights."  The unmitigated gall of comparing the Tea Party to these two groups is like comparing shooting a bullet to throwing it.  And have you noticed how the left has this hypnotic propensity for banning words they don't like when it nails them?  If we on the right say these police assassinations and rioters are "thugs" suddenly the left mind-readers decide that word is racist.  The newest racist term now is "mob."  Back in 2009 when the Tea Party was holding their rallies and showing up at town hall meetings expressing their displeasure with the unconstitutional moves by the Obama administration, including Obama himself, they media referred to them as a "mob."  Dems produced television/radio ads calling Tea Partiers "mobs" and a inventing a pejorative "teabaggers." But now "mob" has been banned by the on-air idiots at CNN and BS-NBC when talking about these anarchists while excusing their violence.  They have a right to be violent they're telling us.  Brain-dead Don Lemon at CNN says it's understandable that these people are angry and while "we don't condone the violence" Lemon says, we need to sympathize with their anger.  And when one CNN guest this week referred to these scumbags entering a restaurant and shouting at Senator Ted Cruz and his wife forcing them to leave as a "mob" the female anchor person went ballistic! She shut him down like stepping on a roach.  How dare he call these wonderful people, exercercising their First Amendment rights, a "mob."  Shame, shame, shame!  Later in the day CNN--as usual--doubled down on stupid with Don Lemon, sour as his surname, saying these people have every right to get in the face of people they disagree with because it's their Constitutional guarantee!  

This is getting dangerous and it's not going to end well.  In modern "newspeak" the left accused the Tea Party of what these MOBS are doing.  The media and Dembulbs fabricated stories about the Tea Parties accusing them of being racism with the likes of Nancy Puh-lousy saying that a black congressman was spit upon and called vile names, including of course, the "N" word at one of their rallies.  She was called on it by the late, great Andrew Breitbart who immediately offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who could bring forth video and/or audio of that event.  Breitbart never had to write the check.  Yet the lie is still being used today.  And just this week a communist--er columnist--with the Washington Compost, Karen Tumulty wrote and editorial titled Republicans used to love the the sound of an angry mob. What happened? Again, equating the Tea Parties with today's genuine MOBS. What's so incredibly sad about this piece of yellow journalism is the "comment" section with all the readers who agree with her!  

Excuse me but the various Tea Parties NEVER blocked traffic at their rallies, never set fire to a building or went into a business to do a little "undocumented shopping" as Tucker Carlson put it this week.  They NEVER disrupted commerce or vandalized businesses or trashed their venues.  In fact, law enforcement personnel in places like Washington where thousands rallied commented that the place was cleaner when they left than when they got there.  The police and others said they'd never met a crowd so polite and supportive.  Meanwhile, Occupy Walnuts take over streets and parks and sidewalks, disrupt business, making threats to those coming to do business, women are attacked--perhaps raped--and they stayed there for weeks creating a huge sanitation problem have the media singing their praises.  They were not arrested or forced to get out as they should have been.  Entertainment programs wrote them into their scripts in a very positive light.  Disgusting on so many levels it can't be counted.  The mayor of Baltimore tells the police to stand down while these angry mobs destroy whole neighborhoods, torch businesses and police cars and the media tells us we have to understand the anger and revert to faux First Amendment excuse again.  Police officers are targeted for assassination--and many are--and former (thank God, former) President Obama sides with the thugs, throwing the cops under the bus--every time.

Sean Hannity has been saying for years that "journalism in America is dead."  Sure is and the smell is enough to gag a maggot.  Yet when we call them out for the liars and fabricators they are, they scream blood murder that we're "endangering" the free press.  PUH-LEEZE!  If anyone is endangering the free press it's the free press

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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