How Charitable Are You?

We've asked you this before but let's be more specific.  The chances of your winning Mega Millions or Powerball are--as the old saying goes--"slim to none and 'Slim' just left town."  But if you bought a ticket(s) there is a chance as slim as it is.  After all, somebody will win--perhaps multiple winners as often happens when there's been such a drought.  Both jackpots added together top $2 billion!  And if winning one or the other is slim--the chances of you winning both is so astronomically small the zeroes alone would take up an entire page.  

However, no matter which you win, your next address could be Easy Street if you invest wisely but we've already gone through this.  It's fun to at least speculate about what to do with the money.  We've asked you about your "bucket list" only a couple of weeks ago we asked you what you'd do with all that dough and we got some very good answers.  Most of you had some good ideas on how you were going to protect your "lucky" wealth.  Some years back a study showed that most lotto winners were broke within four years.  It's not because they were stupid (though some were) but foolish.  Since we don't teach economics to kids anymore it's not surprising that the money is squandered and many fall for the so-called investors who come out of the woodwork like oil wells in Arkansas.  

This question is specific: what charitable group(s) would you give to and why?  My church comes to mind right off the top of my head and the Savannah Philharmonic wouldn't have to hold another fundraiser unless they just wanted to.  Tara Feis would be back and we'd keep Crimestoppers.  I'd finance free enterprise programs for our schools and Georgia farmers who got wiped out  by Hurricane Michael could start rebuilding without financial worry.  But that's me--how 'bout you?  Let me know!  And good luck!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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