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This was almost as inevitable as the sun rising in the east tomorrow; Georgia Tech stooge--er student--Nate Knauf has found himself a slip-and-fall lawyer to sue Senator David Perdue for allegedly snatching Nate's mobile phone out of the student's hand in an incident that was caught on video (like that's unusual).  Nate has been ruined for life, I'm sure, he probably has slept well since the incident, having nightmares with Senator Perdue snatching his phone over and over and throwing it in Lake Hartwell with the lake turning into a pool of blood as he dives in to retrieve it! He never comes up and wakes in a cold sweat--and it's affecting his grades, too whatcha wanna bet?  

Knauf filed a civil battery complaint against Perdue in the Fulton County State Court,  according to a statement from the Atlanta-based law firm Dreyer Sterling, LLC.  "Civil battery"--PUH-LEEZE. He snatched the "snowflake's" phone out of his hand.  So lawyers explain to me how that's "civil battery?"  This all came about because of an incident on October 13 on the Tech campus when Knauf asked Perdue aboutg his endorsement of Brian Kemp the Republican candidate for governor.  Kemp has been accused by the Georgia NAACP of seeking to suppress voter registration and they've filed suit against him.  

A spokeswoman for Perdue told The Hill that the lawsuit was a perfect example of Georgia Democrats  taking their "extreme tactics too far."  Ain't it so! And--are you sitting down?--Knauf's lawyers are Michael Sterling and David Dreyer, both active in Democrat politics.  Just a coincidence I'm sure.  The video of the incident is available, of course, just like any other incident these days that plays into the hands of the left.  But here's tip for you from someone who worked in television news and sports for over 30 years--you can edit video to make it show what you want it to.  We see none of the lead-up to Nate's confrontation with our junior Senator just the confrontation itself.  We don't see what happened afterward.  From what I could hear and see on the video, Nate Knauf was acting like the north end of a south-bound horse.  

This is much ado about nothing.  As Perdue's spokeswoman said, "This complaint is complete nonsense and lacks any merit whatsoever. All you have to do is look at the political hacks who are trying to spin something out of nothing.  This is all being orchestrated by a former Obama operative and current Democrat state representative who spends most of his time campaigning for Stacy Abrams."  

This sounds like the a setup with Knauf approched the Senator with camera rolling.  This is a loony left-winger who must have gotten into Georgia Tech as some sort of technical geek because common sense is totally lacking.  Further proof is Knauf is a member of the Georgia Tech chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.  GAG ME!!!  Didn't even know there was such a thing and very disappointed there's a chapter on one of the greatest engineering schools on the planet--looks like intelligence and politics are totally separate on the left.  As Dr. Michael Savage says on the air an in his books, "liberalism is a mental disease."  Knauf proves it!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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