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The lamestream media just loves to harp on the approval rating of the President but somehow always ignores their own.  Since they love polls so much, try this one from Gallup: 62% of Americans believe news is biased and 44% says it's inaccurate.  How 'bout them apples...or poll numbers?  While the President's approval rating has hovered in the 50 percentile range at least 12% more Americans think there's a problem with the press and nearly half think they're not reporting the truth.  Well there's good reason for that--they are bias and they are--in many cases--inaccurate.  An accompanhying poll found that 39% of Americans believe that the news they see on television and here on radio or read in the newspapers is misinformation.  Misinformation is defined as "stories that are made up or cannot be verified as accurate but are presented as fact anyway."  

Gallup has been polling Americans about mass media on issues of trust and confidence in mass media starting in 1972 "to report the news fully, accurately and fairly and on a yearly basis since 1977.  Our trust and confidence in the media peaked in 1976 at a whopping 72%.  But it began to slide downhill but staying in the low to mid-50s through the 1990s and into the early part of the 21st Century when America's trust in the media began a steady decline.  

Forget the fact that most everyone at the major networks should have been fired two years ago after their disastrous prediction that The Hiladbeast had a 93% chances (more or less) to be elected President.  Thank your lucky stars that didn't happen but how did they get it so wrong?  Not listening to the people and not doing their job.  They made a big deal to point out that just because Trump was drawing huge numbers to his rallies while The Hildabeast had to offer entertainment stars into her rallies and folks left in droves as soon as said entertainer left the building.  There's a big difference in bribing an audience and using your own star power to draw them in.  The media kept poo-pooing the idea that Trump's huge rallies would not translate into votes.  Surprise, surprse!  

So after it was clear they had egg on their respective faces--again--one would think they would be doing some serious soul searching and rolling heads.  But NOOOOOO!!! They doubled-down on "stupid."  Instead of looking in the mirror to reflect on their coverage and bias, they got more aggressive going after now-President Trump.  But they were suddenly baffled when the president didn't bend and conform to the bottle they wanted to put him in.  He fought back.  When they called him down about something he said he threw it right back at 'em.  Nothing they tried worked unlike the past when political figures would get their knees bloody begging for forgiveness if they said something that was politically incorrect. 

They still don't understand when everything they've thrown at him has bounced off and his approval numbers surprisingly high considering the negative coverage he's getting.  The fact that their negative numbers are 12% or so baffles them. So that goes unreported.  No surprise there.  They keep waking up every morning hoping "today's the day!"  This is the day they'll find the "silver bullet" maybe even the "golden" one to get rid of this guy once and for all.  They lamestream media certainly has the Midas Touch: everything they put their hands on turns into a muffler.  

The press conferences are getting more and more hostle while the Communist News Network's Jim Accost-Us  has had his press credentials removed for a few day.  I don't necessarily agree with that deciosion .  He refused to stop talking and a White House staff intern came to take the mike away from him and he refused.  It has not been a pretty sight and the White House Press Corps presdient has filed a complaint as has CNN.  While I do think this is a bit extreme the president is getting tired of being called a racist, and criticising everything he does and every move he makes.  

Hopefully cooler heads wiill prevail but one thing's for sure, the press need to get a mirror and take a look at who's staring back.  Self-refection should be paramont.  It should have started two years ago but apparently mirrors aren't in the budget . They seem to think that just because they  "the press" that gives them the right to say anything and deliberately making false accusations.  But I'm not holding my breath.  They love to look at themselves, but only through a television screen

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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