Manufactured Outrage

If it wasn't abundantly obvious by now that the Democrat Party and the "American" news media aren't marching in lockstep this fight over illegal immigration is an excellent exhibit "A."  The new talking point on every network (save most at Fox and us here in evil talk radio) and every Dembulb is this situation is a "manufactured crisis."  This is a manufactured crisis like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was target practice.  The disgusting performance of our totally irresponsible media calling this boarder crisis "manufactured!" Tell that to all who have been permanently separated from their loved ones that this is manufactured.  Tell that to Kate Steinle's father as he held his 32-year-old daughter in his arms as she died pleading, "Daddy help me!"  Tell that to the widow of the legal immigrant police officer (and in a few years) his now-five-month-old son killed by an illegal immigrant.  Tell that to the husband and son of a dear friend of mine in Brunswick killed by a drunk driver who was here illegally.   This list is almost endless.  

Despite the deaths at the hands of those who should not be here in the first place there is still an unbelievable contingent headed by Democretins and their lap dog followers in the media who are parroting the phrase: "manufactured crisis."  Irresponsible and disgraceful for both but that seems to be their badge of dishonor these days.  Why the bosses of these media outlets keep these irresponsible cretins on the air is beyond comprehension.  Why corporate America keeps buying commercial time with them is likewise unbelievable too.  Their attitude is that everyone has a right to come here and the only reason we're trying to keep them out is because we're racists and xenophobic.  A Democratic Strategist on The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham on Fox News Channel Wednesday night actually said that President Trump wants to build that wall only to keep out people with brown skin.  Monumental stupidity like that would be laughable if so many--including him--weren't serious.  Laura called him out on it but it didn't help. 

The prime directive of our government is to protect us legal citizens.  It's not to proved food, health care, free money or housing.  Their ONE JOB is to keep us safe.  Open boarders don't any more than if you took the doors off of your house so anyone could just walk in and help themselves to whatever they wanted. The Dems and the lamestream media continue to parrot each other with their "dog whistle" phrase "manufactured crisis."  They use it ad nauseam ignoring the truth about what a true crisis there is with all the illegal drugs pouring in, terrorists, MS-13 thugs, diseases just for starters.  And for some reason we legal citizens have to pay for all this.  They keep using the same old platitudes that these people just "want a better life," "They pay taxes too when they get a job," "We're a nation of immigrants," and, one of my favorites, "they commit less crime per capita than legal citizens."  I've never seen nor heard about one single study that showed that last one.  But as one of Hitler's lieutenants always used to say, "Tell a lie long enough and people start to believe it."  

Bet you didn't see any of the networks--save Fox--who showed the Hispanic Trump supporters out in droves in Texas today holding signs lauding the president and urging him to build the wall.  The folks who've come here legally by standing in line, filling out all the proper paper work and doing it properly have a hard time with folks who just walk in and demand we take care of them because they have a pulse. This "nation of immigrants" stuff is never put in historic perspective since most of today's so-called "journalists" may have never darkened the door of a history class or they were brainwashed with the revisions crap.  The immigrants who came here legally going though Ellis Island came here to be AMERICANS.  They had to have a marketable skill, speak English, have a sponsor and, if ill, were either quarantined or sent home.  There were not government programs for them, there was no minimum wage, there were no requirement for schools to teach their children in their native language; they were taught English.  And if they their children couldn't speak English when they got here, they knew how within a few weeks since they were immersed in it.  

They only "manufactured crisis" we have in this country is the "manufactured journalism" and "manufactured outrage" from politicans who don't care about the legal, honest, hard-working American taxpayer who's picking up the tab for this, just the boarder-crossing pawns they're using for votes and to keep a poor underclass voting block.  So what if it costs several hundred billion dollars a year to have them here? So what if they kill a few thousand legal citizens a year it's just the price of admission so to speak...and they vote for Democreaps so that makes it okay.  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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