Media Madness

For some time now I have been saying that nothing the left does shocks me anymore but the media's coverage of the Covington High School students at last Friday's "March for Life" turned my stomach.  Long ago I quit asking how much lower the left can go because they keep taking it as a challenge but this has been off-the-charts disgusting and the negative adjectives could go for paragraphs.  How despicable!  A group of high school kids in Washington, D. C. to march for life working to overturn the insidious Roe v. Wade case which has long since been proven as a fabricated farce to get the Extreme Court to legalize abortion.  Who knows how many surgeons, inventors, artists, authors, engineers and others have been murdered in the womb since this wicked decision almost 50 years ago?  

The students were waiting on their bus, minding their own business and a hate group called the Black Israelites started yelling at them because most of these kids were white and several had MAGA (Make America Great Again) caps so that's the new "red flag" for the left.  If you have one of those you're a racist pig as you know.  This verbal abuse went on for quite awhile and these young men were called the most vile and disgusting things.  But, acting like the "adults in the room" they did not respond at all.  That didn't sit well with some other bystanders--some American Indians. (They are not "Native Americans" because they were not the first ones here no matter what you've been taught).  Suddenly here comes this group with their leader, Chief Lyin'sack-a-crap (Nathan Phillips)  beating some kind of tom-tom in the face of one of the students, Nick Sandmann, a junior at the school.  Amazingly, the kid didn't take the bait, in fact it looked, at first, like the Indians were coming over to stand with the kids protecting them from the dirt-bags oppressing and threatening them.  No such luck...Phillips, who falsely claims he is a Viet Nam vet, just like John Kerry, he just stood there beating on that war drum thingy.  

It wasn't long before video of the event hit the world wide web and the 90-seconds shown was made to look like the kids started it.  Within minutes the Communist News Network, BS-NBC, the alphabet networks and even so-called conservatives were making these kids out to be the junior KKK.  The Hollywierd know-nothings (unless somebody writes a script for 'em) started tweeting out their hatred and stupidity along with the Old York Times and Washington Com-Post were calling these students out and some advocating physical violence.  But within hours the story flipped 180-degrees.  When the complete video came out, it showed these kids to be the real victims.  They were simply waiting for their bus and were being physically threatened from two groups, yet stood their ground.  Meanwhile, the rumors ran rampant with stories coming out that the kids had shouted racial slurs and, at one point, began doing the tomahawk chop.  None of that had an ounce of truth to it...but truth be damned by today's media.  

The network media people, who get enormous amounts of money to do their jobs yet seem to pay no attention to the prime directive of journalism: getting it right  is much more important than getting it first. But today's so-called journalists have it backwards.  Have you any idea how dangerous this is?  When the media just reports what they see on that cesspool Twitter, report rumor as either true or use the new in vogue phrase: "....if it's true" then fill in the blank.  It doesn't have to have one ounce of truth to it but tell the lie long enough and folks begin to believe it, especially when they add, "...and if it's true, the President could be impeached."  If. if, if.  The media has incited riots and unrest by falsely reporting stories showing you only what they wanted you to see and people have died in those riots.  Police are being murdered because of the negative press they've been suffering for the last ten years.  Illegal aliens are running rampant killing real Americans with impunity while the media and the Democretins call them "Dreamers."  If we point that out we're called racists and another famous phrase "dog whistle" because we're paranoid and afraid of people of color.  The left are amazing mind readers saying these are "code words" we are using to mean something else.  "Making America Great Again" is "code language" for "Make America White Again."  We want blacks to return to the back of the bus, segregation again and anti-immigrant.  We're telling people on the boarder, "If you're brown, turn around."  So if you're in favor of protecting America and Americans, you're a racist.  

Co-hostess of NBC Today Show, Savannah Guthrie, did invite Nick Sandmann for an interview to her credit--at least at first blush.  Turns out she was trying to get this fine young man, who anyone should be proud to call their son, to say something that would PROVE his underlying racism and that most evil of evil syndromes, "white privilege!"  She conducted one of the most condescending interviews I've ever heard.  Each question was designed to trap him into saying something she and the rest of the media could use to fit their agenda.  This kid, nervous though he was, didn't fall for it.  When she asked if he though he should apologize he told her he and his classmates had nothing to apologize for.  They had every right to be there and were just waiting for their bus.  Guthrie persisted asking if his "MAGA" cap was a catalyst in escalating the situation; did he say anything racist...on and on it went but he didn't buckle on those either.  On it went and all NBC got was brickbats from their fellow leftists for putting him in the air to begin with and showed America that this kid was as well-bred gentleman. OOPS! That blew up in their face, so much for that idea.

Meanwhile, the school had to cancel classes for at least a day because of threats from protesters from the George Soros Rent-A-Mob, Sandmann and his parents have received death threats and all this can be laid at the doorstep of the lamestream media and social media and it needs to stop.  America deserves better and what's worse, not a single journalism school that I know of has condemned the way the media blew this story just like those refs blew that no-call on the Los Angeles Rams against the Saints Sunday.  This is pathetic and a threat to our very republic unless we stop it!  

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