Sound and Fury

Unlike the loons on the left (but I repeat myself) I don't apologize for being white, I'm quite proud of it since I had absolutely nothing to do with it in the first place nor, as far as I know, did anyone else. And this white privilege nonsense is a pathetic excuse for not succeeding in life or getting what you want or failing to accomplish something if you're of another color. But without fail, when I, as a white guy, am critical of someone of another race, color or sex the instant response is-wait for it!--I'm a racist, xenophobe, anti-woman. If it has to do with their sexual orientation I'm a homophobe and, what's worse, that I hate them. Someone near and dear to me is in a guy relationship and I love that person with all my heart and resent giving me such a label. The left plays the race card so often one would think it would be as worn-out a the fable about the "boy who cried 'wolf.'" Unfortunately, such is not the case, it seems to work like a charm every time. The latest is the woman in Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx who dropped all charges against television "star" Jesse Smollett a few weeks back. There was understandable outrage from just about all corners, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel--and you know the end of the world is near when I agree with anything Rahm Emanuel says! The police superintendent of Chicago (who happens to be black) was beside himself with rage since they had incontrovertible evidence against Smollett and his confederates. So just as sure as the sun comes up in the east, Ms. Foxx responded to the justified criticism with the usual "race card" with the so-called Rev. Jesse Jackson nodding in the background with his band of cretins. And she's no more going to answer the critics by stepping down any more than the governor of Virginia, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia or the Attorney General of Virginia are going to step down. They're Democrats and, like illegal aliens, they're immune from our laws. So if you are holding your breath that justice will be done in any of these cases you're just going to blackout (that was not, by the way, a racist word).

To quote Shakespeare--something Jeff Foxworthy says a Southerner doesn't do--"It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." And as long as we have a two-teared justice system where the Hildabeast is not in prison while an Army lieutenant who killed some peace-loving Muslims in Afghanistan to defend his platoon is and has been for the last six years, there will be no justice and no peace a slogan so popular with the left. Sound and fury indeed!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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