Quid Pro Joe

I have a long list of people who should not be President of the United States and Joe Biden is at or near the top. He was a sleesy senator and a sleesy vice president and when you consider that even his former boss, Barry (Barack Obama) Sotoro hasn't endorsed him that should tell you something. Barry even advised him against running. One can see why. Biden is not in the best of health even for a 75-year-old. He's suffered two brain aneurysms when most don't survive one. And there are so many gafs these days that it's almost headline news when he doesn't say something rediculice or outright stupid. He often doesn't know where he is, asks guys in wheelchairs to stand up, tells black audiences Republicans will put them back in chains and now this. About two years ago while stumping for a fellow Delaware lawmaker somewhere in the First State he started rambling on about the hair on his legs, roaches and kids getting on his lap. What in the WORLD is he talking about.

Whatever it was, here it is for you to enjoy or scratch your head over. No matter what this man should never again get anywhere near the Oval Office, much less rule in it!

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