Gassing the Kids

On Tuesday (01-14-20) a Delta Air LInes jet had just taken off from LAX (Los Angeles International) headed for somewhere in the Far East. Only a few minutes in flight the pilots reported some sort of engine trouble and had to make an emergency landing. But here was one of the major problems, with an engine problem you want to get that plane safely on the ground as quickly as possible but because this was a long distance international flight the plane was completely filled with fuel and that makes it too heavy to land so some of the fuel had to be jettisoned. This is standard procedure but it is desirable to dump the fuel in a sparsely populated area or at 35,000 feet or more so the fuel will evaporate before it hits land. Neither of those options was available so the pilots had to release it over a populated area like it or not. So far the lamestream media hasn't connected the dots to blame President Trump for it, but it could be only a matter of time. So far he gotten a pass for causing the volcano in New Zealand to blow but he may not escape this one.

If you have been following the full well that President Trump is a hater and divider and nobody likes him. Forget the fact that his rallies are packed to the rafters and spill over into the parking lots. Forget the fact that when he and the First Lady walked onto the field at the National Championship football game Monday night that the stadium erupted in applause and cheers of, "USA, USA, USA!" Those people are just redneck hayseeds attending those hick schools like Clemson and LSU. These are not sophisticated citizens of the (poison) Ivy League, those brilliant souls with more degrees than a thermometer. They know so much more than us flesh-and-blood creeps and we're just darn lucky they allow us breath the same air and live on the same planet with them, thought they'd rather not. They know what a racist Donald Trump is and that he probably radioed that Delta jet and spoke with the pilots personally insisting they dump that fuel over those Los Angeles schools. He knew through his GPS that the plane was over Hispanic neighborhoods and that most of those kids and faculty were people of color. The left loves people of color, that why there are so many running for President on the Democrat side--oh wait, there are only old rich white people left in the race with the exception of Mayor Pete Bootylicious. But it's okay because it do as they say, not as they do.

As of this writing however, I have not heard the Dems or the media--excuse my redundancy--connect those dots. Falling down on the job again! I just hate it when I have to do their work for them. When their logic circuits are hooked up upside down and backwards sometimes it takes them longer. Pass this along to them if you know one of them! Thanks!