Don't accuse if you can't back it up!

As a general rule here in Georgia when we use the phrase, "under the Gold Dome" we are referring to the capitol building in Atlanta. In this case it's under our Gold Dome here in Savannah at city hall. An ethics violation has been filed against At-Large Post 1 Alderwoman Kesha Gibson-Carter brought by District 6 Alderman Kurtis Purtee. Apparently one of Gibson-Carter's rants recently was the proverbial "last straw." Gibson-Carter recently made accusations that there are pedophiles working "in this building" meaning Savannah City Hall. But when she was asked who or what she was referring to she refused to answer. Emails by the Savannah Morning News reporter DeAnn Komanecky or our television partner WTOC were not answered when they tried to get her to explain. Purtee has had it and filed the ethics complaint. Over the years on my show AM Savannah heard weekdays 6-to-9 on News Radio 97.7/1290 WTKS, Kesha was a frequent guest as the then-director of the Rape Crisis Center and I liked her very much. She was a great guest and I enjoyed our visits. But after she was dismissed from that position it seems she changed and got bitter or something.

Since being elected to her not-insignificant post she started causing a stir to say the least. She tried to bring up and change matters that had been done and settled by the previous administration. Now there are accusations that she has been disruptive, Purtee claims she has used the "f-word" in executive sessions, interrupted others and spoken out of turn on numerous occasions. He claims she has tried to torpedo the city manager search and he questions who would want the job if they had to put up with the likes of her. Purtee says she's concerned only for what SHE wants. He says he filed this complaint without malice but he felt it was necessary.

So to Kesha, please back up what you've said and get over yourself and try to become more of a "team player." You're not doing yourself or the great City of Savannah any good.