Meg Lego, Celebritees #SavannahHeroes

This Front Line Salute submission comes from Lisa Nelson for Meg Lego and team from Celebritees.

"I would like to nominate Meg Lego and team from Celebritees as a Savannah Strong Hero."

"When Savannah was put under the stay in place guidelines and most of the local Savannah owned businesses were going to be affected financially, Celebritees felt the calling to help and stepped up, creating the Savannah Strong tshirt campaign. Making and selling these tshirts to locally owned business to help in supplementing the businesses losses that would incur. Their thoughtfulness and the hard work they are doing to back this campaign and local businesses is awesome and feel they deserve to be a Savannah Strong Hero!"

Thank you to Meg and team for your hard work!

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Photo: Lisa Nelson

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