Today is Star Wars Day.

• Originally, R2-D2 had dialogue, with actual speaking parts. Many of C-3PO’s reactions correspond to R2’s original lines.

• The 20th Century Fox executives wanted Chewbacca to wear shorts. They sent memos to Lucas, scandalized that there was a naked character.

• George Lucas has said that his Alaskan Malamute, Indiana, was the inspiration for Chewbacca.

• There are an estimated 2,002,795,192 deaths in the original trilogy. The film with the greatest number of deaths is The Force Awakens.

• Variations of the line “I have a bad feeling about this” have made it into every film in the saga.

• Han Solo was frozen in carbonite because of Harrison Ford. Although Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher had a contract for a third film, Ford was not sure he would return for the third. The writers and Lucas decided to freeze Han, in case Ford decided (or failed) to return.

• Episode VI was originally called Revenge of the Jedi. The title was changed to the Return of the Jedi , because the Jedi’s ethical philosophy and code goes against revenge.

• Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, made her film debut in The Force Awakens .

• The Force Awakens is the only Star Wars movie that does not show or mention Tatooine. The desert planet has appeared in all the films, except The Empire Strikes Back where it is only mentioned.

• Mark Hamill was 63 when he filmed The Force Awakens, which is the same age Alec Guinness was while filming A New Hope.

• Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne auditioned to play Kylo Ren. According to an interview he gave, his audition was a complete disaster.

• Ello Asty, one of the X-wing pilots in The Force Awakens, takes his name from the Beastie Boys album Hello Nasty.

• Although they appear throughout the whole of Return of the Jedi, the word “Ewok” is never spoken out loud.

• The only characters who appear in every official film in the Star Wars saga are R2-D2 and C-3PO.


Some will say if you’re going to binge-watch the six original Star Wars movies today — Star Wars Day — you should watch them story order: Episode I, II, III, IV, V, VI. There’s a separate camp that believes the movies should be watched in release order: The original trilogy of IV, V, VI, followed by the prequels of I, II, and III.

… But a widely preferred variant of those two is what’s known as Machete Order: IV (4), V (5), II (2), III (3), VI (6). Episode I is banished entirely. The rest of the series is arranged in the optimal story arc. Viewers get to the climactic “Luke, I am your father” moment at the end of Episode V, then flash back to Anakin’s youth to watch his rise — or descent — to Vaderdom.

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