New Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' comic book and toy series coming

The Beatles' company Apple Corps. has struck a deal with Titan Comics for a 50th anniversary all-new comic book based around the group's beloved 1968 movie, Yellow Submarine. The Hollywood Reporter posted that Bongo comics creator a -- and incoming Mad magazine editor -- Bill Morrison will illustrate the special edition due out next year. Well ahead of the anniversary and comic book publication will be the release later this month of the Titan Vinyl Collectibles "All Together Now" toy collection featuring two versions of the "Fab Four" along with "Blue Meanies, the "Apple Bonker," and the "Four-Headed Bulldog."

George Harrison recalled how the Beatles were hardly the creative force behind the acclaimed Yellow Submarine film project: ["Actually, the thing I liked most about the movie was we really didn't have to do anything to (laughs) do it. They just took the music, we met with them, (and) they basically talked about basically what they're going to do."] SOUNDCUE (:10 OC: . . . going to do)

  • Back in 1999, MGM’s Bruce Markoe, who helmed the remastering of the Yellow Submarine film for DVD, shed light on how the "Hey Bulldog" sequence -- featuring the "Four Headed Bulldog" -- was saved and restored to its rightful place in the animated classic: ["When I found out in my research that the sequence was cut from the film and had only appeared in the UK version and the rest of the world it was removed and, so the rest of the world never saw it. . . Luckily we started looking and we found a very pristine copy, a very pristine negative of the British version in the vault, in our vault. It was mislabeled. It wasn’t labeled properly. So we kinda looked through all the cans and we found it, and it was in excellent condition."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . in excellent condition)
  • Yellow Submarine opened in the U.S. on November 13th, 1968.
  • The soundtrack album was released exactly two months later and was blocked from hitting Number One on the Billboard album charts by the Beatles' own, "White Album."

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  • Back in 2012, a 3D Yellow Submarine remake died in the water before being realized. Ringo Starr was asked by The Dispatch whether or not he was on board with Robert Zemeckis' new production before Disney pulled its funding. Ringo explained, "I was, but it fell apart. We hung out with (Zemeckis) and what he did was incredible. The look of the new one was great. He did two minutes of it. Paul (McCartney) and I were with him all the way. We were there for this stage and that stage and then he got a couple of minutes together."
  • Ringo went on to say: "I loved it. But things happened between him and Disney. The connection wasn't there. So, we said, 'Yes. Let's do it!' and then it fell apart. It looked really great. It is somewhat ironic -- it had been upgraded and it looked more Victorian."
  • In March 2011 Disney shut down Zemeckis' production. The film, which was being produced with Apple's full cooperation and partnership, was originally slated to include 16 of the group's classics from 1965 to 1968, and was to use the same motion capture technology used in Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, and Mars Needs Moms.
  • It's believed that the fact that Mars Needs Moms tanked with a gross of only $6.9 million in light of a $150 million budget, Disney simply cut their losses rather than risk another box office flop.

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