UPDATE: Sign of distress in Savannah?

8/15/2017 @ 9:25pm - Official Chatham County Statement

"Members of Chatham County Facilities Maintenance were at the Police Annex over the weekend and noticed that the flag was ripped and decided to replace it Tuesday morning. When they arrived they notice that the flag was at half-mast and that the rope was twisted around the trunk which prevented it from being lowered or raised. A call was placed to the Fire Department whom has helped to repair the rope and previous flags. No one noticed that the flag was placed in a distress position. Going forward we will be installing a lock box so that no one can tamper with it. Unfortunately there are no cameras that would have captured someone tampering with it."


(Laura)  I respectfully have to differ with that statement and have a few more questions.  First of all, someone did notice.  A trusted person who goes that way to work every day noticed the flag and called me and sent a photo and video.  I then informed a few people I know who work with the county and they seemed surprised by the situation.

Why install a lock box if no one tampered with it?

The statement of what happened is a little different than what I'd been told by that same office earlier in the day.  Why?

The flag didn't appear to be ripped in the photo and video.  Hmmm...

I'm not trying to rile the public, I just want an answer that is correct and that one wasn't, at least in part.

WTGS/FOX 28 in Savannah's Ian Dembling is reporting that Savannah-Chatham Metro police say a “faulty rope situation” led to the improper display of the American flag outside the West Chatham Precinct on Police Memorial Drive Tuesday morning.

Savannah Fire and Emergency Services arrived on scene about 9 a.m. to fix it.  Firefighters straightened out the ropes and correctly rehung the flag.


§ 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

This is was Savannah's Police Annex.



9:25am update - A bystander says the flag has been taken down and that there's a fire truck on scene doing something with the rope.  That may mean that this was maliciously done by someone.  We will let you know as soon as we find out.

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

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