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Sooo...scrunchies are making a comeback!  

I'm talking abou those fluffy, fabric hair holders from the 80s and 90s.  

They're IN again!

And this cracks me up!  It does so because my twin sister (Twin B) never stopped wearing them.  For years I would say "can you please just make the scrunchie match your clothes?".  I almost fell over laughing when we went to one of the Smithsonian Museum's in Washington, D.C. a few years ago and saw, on display. the 1st SCRUNCHIE IN SPACE!  Uh-huh.  It's blue.  I took a photo of it.  Just scroll down to see said hair-thingy...  

My sister got a German Shepherd puppy, Elsa, two years ago.  Twin B wears scrunchies in her hair every day, mostly because she has to wear her hair up for work.  

Well, the one thing my other sister and I would make fun of Twin B about is NOW the main thing that drives Elsa!  Every day when Twin B comes home from work, Elsa jumps up and pulls out her scrunchie, then proudly prances around with it inside her mouth.  

Elsa loves 'getting the scrunchie' so much, that whenever my daugther or I see her, the first thing Elsa does is jump up look for a scrunchie.  At 5:30 this morning, I was talking on the phone with Twin B about scrunchies.  When she said the word, Elsa thought that was a cue to play and 'stole the scrunchie' from my sister's hair!  

A few weeks ago, I saw a story on "Megyn Kelly Today" about the return of scrunchies.  They're IN-FASHION again!

So, finally, I bought some scrunchies for myself a few days after seeing that story(see photos below).  

Driving into work yesterday, I heard Gordon Deal talking about THE RETURN OF SCRUNCHIES, right here on NewsRadio WTKS.  It was hilarious!   I'd planned on sharing that audio yesterday but got busy.  

One of my favorite shows is "The Goldbergs".  Last night's episode was about SCRUNCHIES!  It was called "The Scrunchie Rule".  OMG!  I'd forgotten all about that rule! 

Oh,yeah...yesterday I also saw that Caboodles are back.  Remember them?  The '90s portable makeup and accessory (scrunchie) carrier in pastel colors that looks like a tackle box is back!  I'd wanted one back then but didn't get it.  Now they're only $10 at Urban Outfitters(also see below), so I might have to check that one off my bucket list.

And do you know what?  Caboodles WERE inspired by tackle boxes.  Wait'll you find out WHOSE tackle box?!  

Just scroll down for audio, photos, video and the answer to which celebrity inspired Caboodles (HINT:  NOT a Kardashian).

It's scrunchie time!

PS:  If you're looking for some nice scrunchies like mine, just go to a local festival to buy them.  Mine were only a dollar a piece and a lot nicer than the drugstore ones!

1st Scrunchie in Space - PHOTO by Laura Anderson

Caboodles are back and we've never felt more nostalgic for the '90s

That's the title of the Today Show's thorough article on the return of the Caboodle which, they write, was inspired by "Wheel of Fortune" letter-turner VANNA WHITE:  "In 1986, she was spotted using a fishing tackle box to store her extensive makeup collection, which sparked an idea."

Caboodles are back!  Buy at Urban Outfitters for $10
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