There's a Good Chance You Could Be a 'Reducetarian,' and May Not Even Know

There's all kinds of labels for people who follow different diets, like vegetarians or vegans or paleos, etc. But one you may not have heard of is reducetarian, even though there's a good chance you could be one and may not even know it. 

A reducetarian is someone who wants to help the planet by giving up meat and dairy, but also likes eating them too much to give them up entirely, so they just try to cut down. A study found that about 40 percent of British people are trying to reduce the amount of meat they eat, and about half of them -- called "subconscious reducetarians" -- don't even realize they're doing it. 

Since there are so many reducetarians, it seems we slowly are taking in all the messages we constantly get about eating healthier. (The Guardian)

  • Do environmental concerns affect your eating habits?
  • If you've tried to cut back on meat and/or dairy, how hard has it been to do?
  • What do you make of the fact that the British study found that half of reducetarians don't even realize they're doing it?
  • Do you find people who follow diets like these, vegans for instance, to be preachy?
Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

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