UPDATE & INTERVIEW: Savannah waitress serves justice to butt-grabbing man


7/20/2018 - Emelia is using this unexpected attention to raise money for local animal shelters.  You can donate to her Cash For Cats GoFundMe page HERE.

On how the video went viral, Emelia told WTOC:  “I sent the video to family, and one of my family members posted it.  It just went from there.”

Click PLAY below to see WTOC's full interview with Emelia:


UPDATE - Ryan Cherwinski, 31, was arrested and charged with sexual battery after the incident. He told police at the incident that "it was an accident that he grabbed the waitress, that he was only trying to inform her to move because she was in the way."

Daily Mail is now reporting that Chewinksi was with his longtime girlfriend, and mother of his infant twins, when he allegedly groped the waitress.

DailyMail.com is reporting that 21-year-old Vinnie Van Go-Go's waitress Emelia Holden was inappropriately grabbed by a customer and she took him on for doing that:

  • Emelia Holden, 21, was taking orders at Vinnie Van Go-Go's in Savannah, Georgia
  • The unknown man walked past before grabbing her bottom with his left hand
  • After tackling him to the floor she called the police who arrested the pervert, throwing him into a cell for nearly two days.

The incident was caught on CCTV footage and used by police to warrant an arrest.  Emilia told Daily Mail, "I just did what I felt was best.  I took the guy down and had my co-workers call the police."

"As soon as the cops saw the CCTV footage, they immediately arrested the man. He sat in jail until Monday so in my opinion, he got what he deserved."

"All that I want from my experiences is for women to know that it's okay to stand up for yourself. 'You have every right to wear what you want and you most certainly have every right to defend yourself."


Way to go, Emilia!  I wish I had done what you did back around '99/2000 when I was crotch-grabbed in City Market on New Year's Eve.  I was dressed-up in a somewhat fluffy, not-tight cocktail dress and was walking with friends through a crowded City Market when a man walking in the opposite direction reached down and cupped my crotch as he walked by.  It was intentional.  There's a difference between an accidental bump and what he did.  I grabbed his arm and turned around and twisted it while giving him the evil eye. I was shocked!  I wanted to keep twisting until I broke it, but I didn't.  I then told my friends what had happened, but because City Market was wall-to-wall people in motion that night, we couldn't find the guy to do anything more than what I'd done.


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