My morning in pictures, Sept. 5, 2018

Chatham County Police Cheif Jeff Hadley stopped by to tell us about a wonderful donation the police department received of life-saving defibrillator devices.

Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley - Photo:  Laura Anderson

After having just dumped (and cleaned up) my morning tea onto the flooring we recently installed, I walked out of the house to a long creature kind of sliding down the front door as I opened it.  It freaked me out!  

The creature, which I'd determined was too wide to be a stick bug, rested in the far corner of the door frame.  I hurriedly took a picture before heading to work.  

When I finally had a chance to zoom-in on the bug, I discovered that it looked like a brown preying mantis.  Interesting.  I thought they were just green.  

My investigation of the leggy creature led me to discover that there's a brown preying mantis called the Carolina Mantis.  Whew!  Another bug-eating critter greeting me in the morning! :-)

Carolina Mantis

FOX News Radio Reporter, and the only lawyer in the White House press pool, Jon Decker is covering the Supreme Court confirmation hearing this week for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Jon had this photo taken before the bigwigs came in and he got relegated to nosebleed seats. :-)

It may look like deja vu below this pic, but it's one from last year!  Let's play a Highlights game:  Can you spot at least 6 differences between the two photos?  Ha ha!

FOX News Radio's Jon Decker covering Kavanaugh hearing - Photo courtesy of J. Decker
FOX News Radio's Jon Decker at Gorsuch hearing 2017 - Photo courtesy of J. Decker

The final two pics are of the information brought to us by State Representative Jesse Petrea.  It's information he thinks should be accessible to the public.  They show the breakdown of offenses and numbers charged for each offense of illegal aliens incarcerated in Georgia for the month of January.

Illegals behind bars in Georgia crimes Jan 2018 - Photo:  Laura Anderson
Illegals behind bars in Georgia crimes Jan 2018 pg. 2 - Photo:  Laura Anderson
Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

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