It's Concussion Awareness Day - Don't do like I did!

It's Concussion Awareness Day.  Here's my annual posting of the hoverboard accident from nearly 3 years ago that gave me a concussion.  

Please always wear a helmet when you're on something with wheels and no built-in head protection or seatbelt.


Have you ever had a concussion?  What was your experience like?

This is what happened to me:  

On January 3rd, 2016, I hopped onto a neighbor's hoverboard without thinking about putting on a helmet, nor asking how to get off of it.  It was all fun and games until...I tried to get off of the hoverboard by jumping with both feet at the same time.  I now know you're supposed to step backwards to dismount.  Well, the hoverboard sensed my forward movement and ended up moving in rseponse, which sent me down to the ground flat on my back!  My head hit the pavement HARD.  Oh, how that hurt!!! 

I ended up in the Emergency Room, got diagnosed with a concussion, and couldn't work for a week!  I'm doing much better, but still feel more fatigue than usual and have more momentary lapses of memory than I used to have.  It took several months for all of the concussion symptoms to go away.  All because I didn't stop for a moment and think about safety. 

Please wear a helmet and know how to ride (including proper dismount - stepping backward to get off) before you get onto a hoverboard!  (Knee and elbow pads would be good, too.  My elbows also took a licking from the pavement!)

All that said, have a fun & safe ride!  

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

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