WATCH: Paul McCartney releases new anti-bullying song, video

Paul McCartney has just released his new video, "Who Cares," a track from his recent Egypt Station album, which tackles the difficult subject of bullying. The new clip starts off with McCartney as a counselor talking to a troubled patient portrayed by actress Emma Stone. McCartney posted about the track on his official website, (, writing, "My hope is that if there are kids being bullied -- and there are. . . Maybe by listening to this song and watching this video, they might just think it’s not as bad. . . that it’s the kind of thing you can just stand up to and laugh off and get through."

It was announced on the website that McCartney is joining forces with several non-profit groups to launch the official #WhoCaresIDo campaign:

To help the song’s positive message to inspire as many people as possible to stand up to bullying and negativity, Paul has joined forces with Creative Visions, a global nonprofit organization that uses the power of media and the arts to ignite positive social change. Creative Visions has partnered not only with Paul and 'Who Cares' producers Subtractive Inc., but also with Facebook, Enso, Artemis Rising Foundation and the Blue Chip Foundation to launch #WhoCaresIDo, a campaign inspired by the song and film.

#WhoCaresIDo hopes to reach millions, first raising awareness and engagement regarding the issues addressed by the song and film, then providing them with tools to take action through a network of experts and partners, empowering people to treat others with support and kindness.

Creative Visions Founder Kathy Eldon added: "Millions of people around the world feel silenced, subjugated -- bullied -- and believe that no one cares. Our intention with this campaign is to put the power of the song to work and inspire us to show up and care -- and let others know that we do care."

Paul McCartney maintains that the reason why the Beatles still hit such a multi-generational chord with fans is because the music reflects back the best of humanity: "Number One, it is a force for good. We have a lot of power -- particularly in the Beatles days. Even now, y'know? But then, you had a lot of power. And we always used to say to people, 'Look, we never used it like Hitler. We never sort of said, 'Follow us and go crazy and do something.' But generally we were talking about peace and love and fairly optimistic and positive things, y'know, in the '60s."

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