80-year-old Florida Man Wrangles Massive Alligator In His Yard

4/17/2019 - How’s this for badass?!An 80-year-old man in Florida saw an alligator in his backyard and only called 911 AFTER wrangling it himself!

Ed Chapman lives in the Miami-Dade area.It happened on Tuesday afternoon.

Chapman saw the gator in his yard and decided to try to trap it for himself.

“That thing tugged me all over,” he said. “Carried me, twisting and fighting me all the way across the property.”

“I saw it because my dog ran out, and I saw her veer off, and she ran back,” he said, “and I looked at it, and there it was walking, and I said, ‘Damn, that’s a big gator.'”

“I went and got the (a) noose pulled, and I got it around its neck,” he said.

But Chapman said the alligator put up quite a fight.

“He swatted me with his tail and knocked my legs out from under me,” he said.

Even though Chapman fell to his side, he wrangling the reptile and kept at it.

“We argued together until we got all the way over to this pond,” he said, “and then he got his front legs down in the reeds there, and then we went all the way down, and he had his face in the water.”

It was then that Chapman called 911.

“I said, ‘I just need some help. I got it contained, but I need some help. I can’t get it out by myself,'” he said.

When asked what he meant when he said he “argued” with the alligator, Chapman replied, “Yeah, we argued. Yeah, he wasn’t happy.”

Wildlife officials got to Chapman’s place in about 30 minutes, then restrained the alligator with duct tape before driving off with it in their pickup.

No one got hurt.

Technically, it was an 8-foot gator according to wildlife officials, but part of its tail was cut off in the wild.

Chapman said his gator encounter is nothing strange. He collects poisonous snakes for venom research and breeds wolves. He said he currently has about 60 snakes in his collection.

“ I’ve just been around this stuff a long time,” he said.

Wildlife experts said alligator mating season is approaching, and they want residents to remain alert as sightings will increase.

Click HERE to see pics of Chapman and the alligator.

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