Fake News Promises Mueller “Bombshell”

RUSH: I have to tell you, folks, it's almost insufferable. Here we are the day before the Mueller report comes out, and no matter what it says, we're gonna be lied to. You just know this going in. No matter what it says, the Democrats and the media are gonna lie about what's in it. Because they've been lying about everything for two years, why stop now? Fake news is fake news.

Like they convinced however great a percentage of the country that the tax cut wasn't a tax cut. How many people were they able to make believe that? So even though the report has no collusion in it and no obstruction, according to the Barr summary, you wait 'cause I guarantee you -- well, I can't guarantee, I haven't seen it. But I predicted that this report is gonna have horrible things to say about Donald Trump as a person in it.

Everybody on Mueller's team was a pro-Hillary, Trump-hating lawyer led by Andrew Weissmann. They have a chance here in this report to write the narrative of the Trump administration that they want the Drive-By Media to report.

So okay, maybe they didn't find any collusion between Trump and Russia. It doesn't mean they can't leave a lot of bread crumbs for these idiot savants in the Drive-By Media to follow and gobble up and then report their little narrative of whatever the heck it's gonna be. Ken Starr is out there, and he says that he fears a mighty anti-Trump screed is what he says he's expecting in this report.


RUSH: The Roll Call piece. "Experts predict Thursday's redacted Mueller report will be worse for Trump than the four-page summary, but only a bombshell would dramatically change public opinion." Okay. Let me ask you. Mr. Barr, the attorney general, has known from the very beginning that the full report – he even said so in his confirmation hearing testimony -- that the full report minus redactions was gonna appear. Not an idiot.

In fact, the attorney general probably has to figure that somebody somewhere along the lines is going to leak the whole thing because there are enough anti-Trump people in the FBI today and in the DOJ and still on the special counsel office team and throughout the administrative state, all it takes is one person to get their hand on it, and the whole thing will leak. So Barr knows this.

Would William Barr issue a four-page summary that says there's nowhere in this report Trump colluded with Russia and there's nothing in here that says Trump obstructed justice? But yet somewhere in this report there is a bombshell? I'm sorry. This is just my line of thinking. I'm just employing what I consider to be logic.

Barr's a smart guy. Barr knows that a four-page summary of his that is untrue is not going to survive. There's no way that William Barr's gonna write a four-page summary that is largely untrue and can be disproven with the release of the full report. And yet this is what we're being set up to expect! That there is a bombshell in there and that it's going to be much worse for Trump than the four-page summary.

But it fits if you listen to Pelosi who says that Barr is an agent of Trump, that Barr is treating Trump as though he's above the law. The left, the Democrats and the media have thrown everything, everything in their effort to overturn the election results of 2016 and thus get rid of Trump. They've thrown everything they've got into this whole narrative that Trump is unjust, unfit, colluded with Russia, may be a Russian spy, traitor, and all that.

They're not just gonna accept a report that says it didn't happen. And the people writing this reporter are gonna give them plenty of opportunities to focus on things that they can say, "See? We told you. Trump is scourge. Trump is reprobate. Trump is unfit." Because that's what the people who put this report together all think.

Do you realize that Peter Strzok was originally on Mueller's investigative team? He was only fired when the texts between him and his paramour, Lisa Page, were discovered. And then Mueller delayed the firing by a few months ago even after he found out. The guy leading the FBI so-called investigation, the guy leading this attempt to implant spies in the Trump campaign was on the Mueller team! That's the kind of people that Mueller hired, including Andrew Weissmann.

It's probably gonna be Weissmann's report, actually, in terms of who actually wrote it. I mean, the guy, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he sits there, he's like a grand pooh-bah, like Jabba the Hutt. He tells everybody what to do. He doesn't actually write it. He doesn't actually interview people. He's just a figurehead.

That's what happens when you rise to a certain pinnacle of respectability and achievement. You stop doing things. But everything that happens that's good you get the credit for. It’s part of the reward for being an eminent success in whatever chosen field you happen to succeed in in the administrative state.

So experts predict Thursday's redacted Mueller report will be worse for Trump than the four-page summary, but only a bombshell would dramatically -- well, who gets to tell us what a bombshell is and isn't? So just be ready, folks. I'd love to be wrong about this, but my guess is you're gonna have to muscle up a lot of fortitude tomorrow to ignore. And of course Trump is fully aware what's coming and is expecting it and has been on the warpath for the past week or two tweet-wise.

Trump is scheduled to leave Washington tomorrow sometime after the report is released to fly down here to Palm Beach for the Easter weekend. Let's go to Andy McCarthy. He was on Hannity last night. The question was, "You talk about the spying. But on top of the spying, we had FISA abuse. And on top of the FISA abuse, we also had a rigged investigation into Hillary because she did commit real crimes."

MCCARTHY: As Attorney General Barr put it last week, the question of spying should not be a question anymore. There should be no dispute that surveillance happened, whatever you want to call it. The issue is, was it properly predicated. And I think what we're seeing now is there seems to have been an insufficient predicate and all I can say is from my own perspective, if I had authorized an investigation of the president, if I had used the government's counterintelligence powers in order to investigate the campaign of the opposition party and people were calling me out about whether I had a good reason for it, I wouldn't be able to wait to tell you what it was.

RUSH: Now, let me tell you what he's referring to here. He's referring to Mr. Boy Scout James Comey who's testified five times before Congress, has been involved from the get-go on all of this. And, remember, when Mueller takes the job as special counsel and shows up the first day and asks to see the file, "Okay. Show me where we are on this," and the file's empty. There isn't any evidence of any collusion, they haven't collected a thing.

Andy's point here is that if you're Comey and if you're so convinced the president is a traitor, if you are convinced and you know that the president is a Russian agent, you're not gonna wait for a two-year investigation. You're gonna tell everybody the minute you find out! You're gonna do everything you can to keep the guy from being elected, if this is what you really think! But Comey didn't do that. And the reason Comey didn't do that is because there is no such evidence.

Andy's point is that if there were ever any evidence of this, they wouldn't have waited two years, they wouldn't have gone through the investigation, they wouldn't have turned the entire counterintelligence apparatus of the country against it. He would have just announced it and presented the evidence and then tried to shame Trump into leaving the race.

But that didn't happen because they don't have any evidence. There never has been. So the investigation was an attempt to create evidence. Here's Devin Nunes, who was on with Ingraham last night. Question: "You say that you're looking for answers to three key questions in the Mueller report. What do you want to see addressed specifically?"

NUNES: This infamous Trump Tower meeting. When you hear the Democrats talk about that there's evidence in plain sight. Well, the Russians that are involved in the Trump Tower, the infamous Trump Tower meeting in New York, I call them the Fusion GPS Russians. Fusion GPS was the company that was working for the Clinton campaign and the Democrats, and somehow Glenn Simpson meets with them before and after. These are Russians that he's doing work for? I mean, come on. If Mueller can't get to the bottom of this and answer this for the American people, I don't know what the report was really worth.

RUSH: Well, come on. There isn't gonna be any investigation of Fusion GPS. That's not what this was. This special counsel report was to look into whether or not Trump colluded, not Hillary. This is what's dead wrong with this. You know, folks, everything that they alleged -- and I'm not exaggerating -- everything that the media and whoever else, the FBI, Comey, DOJ, this whole bunch, everything they've alleged happened, actually did happen with Hillary Clinton.

An election was rigged, the Democrat primaries. A computer was hacked, a network was hacked, the DNC network was hacked, and by the Russians. But the DNC would not let the FBI forensically examine it. The FBI has never seen the DNC server. They turned that over to a third-party outsource group called CrowdStrike.

An election was rigged. Bernie Sanders knows it. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee rigged an election and they conspired with Russians via the dossier that they hired, paid Christopher Steele to write, they're the ones that colluded with Russians. They are the ones that were engaged in an effort to rig the presidential election!

Not only was the FBI trying to rig the primary election for Hillary Clinton against Crazy Bernie, they were all trying to rig the presidential election for Hillary Clinton as well. There are two elections here that the people investigating Trump literally tried to rig. 'Cause make no mistake about it, this investigation so-called that started in 2015, 2016 because everybody was afraid that there were Russian spies, Russian agents in the Trump campaign, that Trump was a tool, that Trump was a traitor, that Trump was a Russian agent, that all was not an investigation. That was an attempt to rig the election.

They first tried to destroy Trump's primary candidacy. Then they tried to destroy the presidential election, or to rig that. When that didn't work, they tried to dismantle Trump's transition period. And then they went on and after Trump was inaugurated, they continued the effort which began as an effort to rig the election, doing everything they could to convince the American people Trump was a mistake, to turn against him so that he could be impeached.

There were two elections that Strzok Smirk and McCabe and all these people, Comey, were engaged in rigging, and both of them were for Hillary Clinton. And neither one of those is being investigated by Mueller. That's what Barr is talking about investigating.


RUSH: Jeff in Daytona, Florida. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I think we're missing the point with the Mueller report. I think it's his white flag. But he's got to be afraid of what's coming in 2020 when we win the House back and we have even a bigger grip on the Senate. There's gonna be a lot of investigations going on, and some of them could be Mueller investigations of his involvement in Uranium One and his attempt to cover-up with this investigation.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Who are we...? Mueller had nothing to do with Uranium One. Who we talking about here?

CALLER: No, no. Mueller did have something to do with Uranium One. He was involved. He was one of the people that signed off.

RUSH: Robert Mueller, the special counsel, was involved with...? Okay. Then --

CALLER: He was in the FBI then.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Okay. I thought you meant in the Clinton loop of profiting from it.

CALLER: No, no. But he was involved. He had to say that there's nothing wrong with this deal; it's okay to do it.

RUSH: Okay. So bottom line, because time is rapidly expiring, you think that the Mueller report is gonna be the essential waving of a white flag suing for surrender?

CALLER: Yes. Because if he doesn't do that, Trump is going to win anyway.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: And he's gonna drag a lot of Republicans with him.

RUSH: All right. Well, we'll know here in less than 24 hours whether Mueller's report is, "I give up! I give up! Please. Leave me alone."

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