CA County Offering Financial Incentive For Coronavirus Victims To Stay Home

CA Construction Worker

CA Construction Worker

If you test positive for the coronavirus in California's East Bay, you could be eligible for some extra cash. 

Alameda County is launching a program that will pay people with the virus to stay home and has set aside ten-million dollars to do it. 

It's designed to help those in fields like construction or hospitality who can't afford to self-isolate with the goal of flattening the curve. Some local workers risk losing their paychecks and even their jobs by staying home and county leaders hope to combat that with a $1250 check. 

To be eligible for the payment, residents have to have tested positive for COVID-19 and prove they can't qualify for unemployment or paid sick leave. 

A referral from one of the clinics in the county's high-risk areas is also required. County leaders hope to help as many as 7500 people through the program.

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