Butterfly Boxes Give Grieving Parents Support They Didn't Know They Needed

Losing a child is a pain like no other. No parent should ever have to bury their baby, but unfortunately it's a reality that occurs all too often. Parents who have spent up to nine months preparing for a happy, healthy baby are hit with grief and sadness.

That's where Mom Friends steps in. The group's mission is simple: let moms be moms, and help when you can.

"We believe that if you just had a baby (or babies!) you should be able to focus on rest, healing and enjoying those first moments together," the group says.

Though they initially started as a postpartum support group, they knew there was another group who needed help: grieving mothers.

"By the time we launched the Mom Friends postpartum care kits in April, we had seen many close loved ones experience miscarriage and stillbirth," they write on their website. " We felt helpless to offer support beyond a hug and saying "I'm sorry, this sucks". Miscarriage has also hit close to home for the Mom Friends team with Aviva miscarrying in her first pregnancy, and Lisa losing her pregnancy in May - just one month after we launched our business."

The Mom Friends decided it was time to expand their resources, and ended up partnering with a woman named Rachel who had also experienced loss.

"Rachel and her partner have experienced two tragic losses. Along with her team of volunteers Rachel recently organized Ottawa’s first Butterfly Run, engaging over 400 community members to walk or run in memory of their losses and to grow awareness of pregnancy and infant loss in our city."

That's when they decided to start something new: Butterfly Boxes.

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