Lena Dunham Posts List Of Potential Baby Names She Made With Jack Antonoff

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Exes Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff would basically be the epitome of "post-breakup goals," if ever such a thing existed. 

On Monday (August 13), the Girls creator posted a list of potential baby names she created with the Bleachers frontman a few years ago. (You know, just in case.) Among the gamut of possibilities included "Jacki" and "Kelly" to more unique names like "Oz," "Na," and that of a certain vegetable.

"Hey @jackantonoff I just found a potential baby name list we made in 2015," the 32-year-old producer tweeted. "I could definitely keep this private, but then the world wouldn’t know that you suggested 'Carrot' over and over... Love u!!!"

See the prospects below:


It's this sort of whimsical charm and awkwardness between the two stars that shows things between Dunham and Antonoff are still good, even after ending their five-year relationship back in December

Insiders corroborated the amicable nature of their split, telling Us Weekly that the decision was amicable and made with no ill-will. "They had been slowly breaking up for the last six months," a source explained. "It was very drawn out. They took forever to actually break up. It just took way too long to pull off the band-aid.”

Since then, the couple have had nothing but pleasant exchanges online. Just a few months ago, the actress posted an Instagram of herself cuddling up with Antonoff, inscribing the adorable pic, "best friends 4ever."

If that isn't a sign of a civil bond, we don't know what is.


Photo: Getty Images


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