Trump's Family Makes The Case For His Reelection On Night Two Of The RNC

The First Family made the case for reelecting President Donald Trump during the second night of the Republican National Convention. President Trump's daughter Tiffany and son Eric spoke from the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C., while First Lady Melania Trump delivered a live speech from the Rose Garden at the White House.

Eric Trump pointed out all the progress America has made during his father's first term. He said that his father is the only person in Washington, D.C., fighting for the average American.

"Every day, my father fights for the American people. The forgotten men and women of this country. The ones who embody the American Spirit, which is unlike anything else in the world," Eric said.

He said he's proud of what his father is doing for the country.

"I miss working alongside you every day, but I'm damn proud to be on the frontlines of this fight. I am proud of what you are doing for this country. I am proud to show my children what their grandfather is fighting for. I am proud to watch you give them hell. Never stop," he said.

"Under President Trump, freedom will never be a thing of the past. That's what a vote for Donald Trump represents," he added. "It is a vote for the American spirit, the American dream, and the American flag."

Tiffany Trump spoke as well, saying that the upcoming election is "a fight for freedom versus oppression, for opportunity versus stagnation, a fight to keep America true to America."

"We believe in school choice because a child's zip code in America should not determine their future. We believe in freedom of religion for all faiths, and we believe in the American spirit. A country founded on ideas, not identity, a country where our differences are embraced. And the only country where the word dream has been attached to it because, in America, your life is yours to chart."

Melania closed out the night from the Rose Garden in a speech attended by President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen. She praised the frontline workers who are battling the coronavirus pandemic.

"I want to extend my gratitude on to you all of the health care professionals, frontline workers, and teachers who stepped up in these difficult times," she said. "Despite the risk to yourselves and your own families, you put our country first, and my husband and I are grateful."

She commended average Americans who stepped up to herp and business owners who adapted as the world changed around them.

"It is in times like this that we will look back and tell our grandchildren that, through kindness and compassion, strength, and determination, we were able to restore the promise of our future. Businesses stepped up, and volunteers stepped in. People were eager to share ideas, resources, and support of all kinds with neighborhoods and strangers, alike. It has been inspiring to see what the people of our great nation will do for one another, especially when we are at our most fragile," she continued.

She promised that the Trump administration will "not stop fighting until there's an effective treatment on or vaccine available to everyone."

The First Lady spoke about growing up in Slovenia as a child and hearing stories about America.

"Growing up as a young child in Slovenia, which was under communist rule at the time, I always heard about an amazing place called America. A land that stood for freedom and opportunity. As I grew older it became my goal to move to the united states and follow my dream of working in the fashion industry," she said.

Melania said that she wasn't satisfied with just working in the United States, and spent ten years working to become a citizen.

"I arrived in the United States when I was 26 years old. Living and working in the land of opportunity was a dream come true, but I wanted more. I wanted to be a citizen. After 10 years of paperwork and patience, I studied for the test in 2006 and became an American citizen. It is still one of the proudest moments in my life because with hard work and determination, I was able to achieve my own American dream."

President Trump made two appearances during the night. In the first pre-taped video, Trump issued a pardon to Jon Ponder, a convicted bank robber from Nevada who founded Hope for Prisoners, an organization that helps convicts re-enter society. Trump said he wants to give people who have been incarcerated "the best chance to build a new life and achieve their own American dream, and a great American dream it is."

"Jon, we honor your devotion to showing returning citizens that they are not forgotten," Trump said.

In the second segment, Trump oversaw a nationalization ceremony of five people. Trump thanked the five people for their hard work and dedication to America.

"It's not so easy, you went through a lot, and we appreciate you being here today," Trump told them. "You've earned the most prized, treasured, cherished and priceless possession anywhere in the world --its called American citizenship."

Photo: Getty Images