This Week's Weird News 5/20/22

An historic Congressional hearing on UFOs, eerie cases of mysterious mail, and a perceived portal to heaven that appeared in the sky over Florida were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

A trio of videos possibly showing paranormal activity popped up on our radar this past week, starting with a case out of Ontario where a couple filmed an eerie triangular craft silently gliding across the night sky. Following that, a motorist in Florida was stopped in his tracks when he spotted a wondrous illumination appear in the predawn sky. Somewhat resembling a portal, the peculiar sight was dismissed by skeptics as the result of a nearby rocket launch, but the witness believes it was a sign from heaven. And, finally, a group of ghost hunters in England got quite the scare thanks to an inexplicable series of booms that caused them to flee a haunted underground tunnel in fright.

In what many hope was another incremental step in solving the UFO riddle, this past week saw Congress hold their first public hearing on the mysterious phenomenon in over 50 years. The inquiry provided an enlightening look at what is said to be the Pentagon's current effort to identify and determine the nature of unidentified aerial phenomena being spotted by military personnel. While the event did not result in a bold declaration that we are being visited by extraterrestrials, is was a cornucopia for food for thought to those long-intrigued by the UFO phenomenon and, oddly enough, inspired Geraldo Rivera to share his own very weird encounter with the unexplained.

This past week saw a pair of puzzling mysteries surrounding mail, of all things, wind up in the headlines, beginning with a woman in New York state who inexplicably received several pieces of decades-old postage that had been sent from her late parents during vacations at locations around the world. How and why the weirdly disparate mail wound up suddenly being delivered to the woman's home is unknown, though she expressed some comfort from the spooky blast from the past. Meanwhile, in Virginia, it was revealed that a man has been receiving unsettling messages from a mysterious individual calling themselves 'Molly Mae' and that the missives have gotten increasingly creepy.

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