Women Sue Apple Claiming Exes Used AirTags To Stalk Them, Their Children

Apple Releases New AirTag In Australia

Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac

Two women have filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that their exes used AirTags to stalk them and their children.

One of the women, Lauren Hughes, said that her ex-boyfriend engaged in a lengthy stalking campaign after they broke up. Finally, it got so bad that she decided to move. While she was staying at a hotel, she found an AirTag concealed in the wheel well of her car that her ex-boyfriend had installed to track her location. The next day, a stranger, who she believed was sent by her ex, showed up at her apartment.

"On her way to her apartment, she encountered a strange man who was lurking near her apartment and looking at his phone. Ms. Hughes entered her apartment to find that the door jamb had been damaged and the AirTag was making noise. Ms. Hughes believes that the stranger had been sent by her stalker to retrieve the AirTag."

Another woman, identified only as Jane Doe, said that her ex-husband hid an AirTag in their child's backpack. When she found the device, she disabled it, but it was replaced by a new AirTag a few days later.

"Ms. Doe continues to fear for her safety—at minimum, her stalker has evidenced a commitment to continuing to use AirTags to track, harass, and threaten her, and continues to use AirTags to find Plaintiff's location," the lawsuit says, according to CNN. "[She] seeks to bring this action anonymously due to the real risk that being identified would expose her to increased risk of harassment and/or physical harm."

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