Hogg Wild!

He's not THAT David Hogg!  There's a 16-year-old high school student in Charlotte, North Carolina who is going through hell right now--and his family too.  His name is David Hogg, the exact same name and spellling as David "Camera" Hogg, the left's "media darling" who's been given more airtime than Barack Obama when he was president.  "Camera" Hogg has been leading the charge on school gun violence and protest marches, trashing the NRA and AR-15 style rifles..  David Hogg of Charlotte has done none of that...in fact, he's almost the polar opposite.  In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this week he said while he feels for the Parkland victims and their families and believes what happened at Douglas High School February 14th was horribly tragic, he's not anti-gun and is in full favor of the Second Amendment.   

Unfortunately, he's also being confused with "Camera" Hogg in Parkland and since their ages are only a year apart and Charlotte's David Hogg says he looks a little like "Camera."  He said one of his teachers actually asked him if he was the famous David!  Really?  How would his student in Charlotte who probably hasn't missed a day in class be the same guy?  Surely he was joking--I hope!  The problem is that the Charlotte David has been getting death threats and been the victim of vile and threatening Facebook messages, emails and texts too and so has his mother and other family members.  This is despicable to either of the Davids.  

Believe me I'm no fan of "Camera" Hogg as you know but neither he nor the young man in Charlotte who shares the same name should be getting death threats.  David number-2 has been trying to stem the tide by sending messages back to as many people as he can whose electronic address he can find or reply and he says some believe him but others think it's a ruse.  I'm sorry to hear the "Camera"  Hogg is getting threats too because I don't want those of us on the conservative side to stoop; to the left's tactics or even think it furthers our argument--it doesn't. Why?  Because the media will use that while ignoring the left's strategies.  Case-in-point...some "peace-loving" Muslim blows up a bomb and kills 55 people.  The media and some government officials are screaming, "DON'T JUDGE AN ENTIRE RELIGION ON ONE MADMAN!" But let a guy who claims to be a Christian shoot a doctor or nurse at an abortion clinic and the media has a field day saying that's how Christians are!  Happens every single time!  

So many people have the same name it's scary.  You'll find a boat-load of people named Bill Edwards.  When I was connecting with my stepson with a very rare surname I found nine of them--NINE!  I really feel for David Hogg of Charlotte especially when ignorant people do incredibly stupid things it certainly casts a bad light on all of us.  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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