Mr. Kim...Tear Down This Nuclear Program!

The logic of the left insists that if you go swimming with sharks they won't attack you if you're nice to them.  A certain former president went running around for eight years apologizing for America for being so good, being so successful, and being so mean to our enemies.  Kissing their respective butts was a much better option and give them lots of money.  One of the common denominators of every major civilization that has risen and fallen is trying to buy-off their attackers. And the left just LOVES sanctions because they work every time, right?  WRONG!  They never work.  Bullies and tinhorn dictators understand only one language--tough talk. The last president we had who really talked tough was Ronald Reagan.  Now we have Donald Trump whose style is entirely different but he knows the power of tough talk and staring your enemy in the face and telling 'em to "stand down" or we're going to "bloody your nose--big time."  

Do not infer that I'm saying Trump is Reagan but the common denominator is identical: talk tough--and mean it.  Barry Sotoro (a-k-a Barrack Obama) once talked tough about drawing a "red line in the sand" with Syria but when Syria crossed it--nothing.  When Neville Chamberlain talked nice with Adolph Hitler and declared "peace in our time" waving the agreement in the air, Hitler laughed.  His powerful Nazi armed forces marched into Poland and the rest of the world's reaction?  Crickets!  Hitler because more and more embolden when he took over countries and no one tried to lift a finger to stop him--till it was too late to do anything but go to war.  Historians have been asking ever since, "What would have happened if we'd only stopped him (Hitler) sooner?"  We'll just have to leave that to the historians.

Amazing how well that Teddy Roosevelt philosophy of "walk softly and carry a big stick" works far more often that trying to be nice and bribe your adversaries.  Ronald Reagan was warned time and again that he could not stand in front of the barrier between East and West Germany and say: "Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!" The State Department begged him not to say it...his speech writers took the phrase out three times, the West Germans said it was too confrontational but he said it anyway.  And what happened?  Gorbachev came to the peace table and within a year or two the wall came down.  Fast forward some thirty-plus years and Donald Trump doesn't try to appease "Dear Leader" in North Korea, that sawed-off little gargoyle who runs that asylum, he calls him "Little Rocket Man" and if he tries to launch a real mistle he'll be wiped off the face of the earth somehow it works!  Especially when three U.S. Navy carrier groups show up off his coast!

The media was going into hysterics that Trump was going to start a war with the North Koreans and what disaster that would be.  "Morning Joke" on MS-DNC along with his soon-wife-to-be was almost at the brink of tears telling all six of their viewers that the president is mentally unstable and wants to start a war. But withing six months, who has caved and is coming to the peace table?  Guess who is promising to dismantle his nuclear weapons program and allowing inspectors?  Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

Funny that in 1994 when President Clinton told the world we'd reached a compromise with North Korea to dismantle their nuclear weapons program and promised us (without biting his lower lip) that NOKO would never get nuclear weapons.  He spoke about all the billions of dollars and all the food and help we were going to send them too.  So how'd that work for us...and the world?  NOT GOOD! Tough talk and backing it up strikes again.  Now we still need to keep an eye on this and do you think Kim Jong Un is playing us?  Think he'll beat President Trump at his own game?  I think Trump will read him the riot act and make it quite clear we're in charge and if he wants to live to see 40 and his country survive or else. 

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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