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Very few of our topics on AM Savannah get the phones ringing profusely much.  We may get one or two calls about a particular subject.  But Tuesday morning broke that routine when I played a soundbite from "Fox and Friends Sunday" in which a political writer, F. H. Buckley (a legal immigrant) who suggested that we bring back the military draft in a special manner.  His op-ed in the New York Post "How to make up for what schools have stopped doing" was that the failure of our public schools no longer teach about the greatness and founding of America, what the military is about, the Constitution, civics, the works.  

He suggested that we add one more year to the high school curriculum and that year would be service in the Army where all that is taught, including understanding of the necessity of the military and appreciation and love of country.  When I played his interview and said we should look into it, the phone lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree!  Everyone was in favor but with some exceptions.  Our friend Dexter Brewer (a retired Army major) said he didn't want to dilute the Department of Defense (DOD) budget.  He would rather establish mandatory junior ROTC programs in our schools which would teach the same thing.  The budget would be much smaller since retired military personnel could be used for faculty just as they have here at Benedictine and Jenkins and Johnson High Schools.  

When I was in high school at Groves, ROTC was a required subject for boys for two years--the third year was optional.  I was not looking forward to it at all but thank God I had it.  Withing a few weeks I began to enjoy and taking pride in wearing the uniform, polishing the brass and my shoes and looking sharp. I enjoyed it so much, I soon signed up for the drill team and the next year became the commander.  I signed up for the third year and was fortunate enough to be selected as the top cadet with the rank of Cadet Colonel. I was so proud of that title and my position.  Had it not been required I'd have never taken it.  I went on to take it in college and graduated from Ole Miss with a commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the U. S. Army Signal Corps.  I went on to serve and retired as a captain.

Since the schools have been taken over by the progressives (i.e. communists) we rarely teach patriotism and love of country anymore.  It's disgusting and dangerous.  Let's have required junior ROTC in all of our public schools for all students.  Just get ready for the fight from the NEA, AFT and the ACLU the American Communist Lovers Union.  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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