The Spice of Impeachment

Okay...I'll have to finally hand it to the Trump haters and realize that the President may finally have to be impeached! Seems that thanks to some superior investigative journalism from Mark Knowler of the Communist Broadcast System (CBS), Andrea Jefferson of Political Flare and Business Insider reporter James Paisley (sp.?) their Pulitzer Prize is now only a matter of time. It seems that the egregious practice of being served one scoop of ice cream while his White House guests are served only one, now comes the proverbial "final straw." Knowler noted on his Twitter account a week or two ago that President Trump's salt and pepper shakers are MUCH LARGER than everyone else's! Pouring salt (and pepper) into the open wound the media has opened on President Trump is the fatal move. He may as well go ahead and resign to avoid the embarrassment of being impeached and run out of town of a rail for having the audacity to demand more herbs and spices than Colonel Sanders! This is going to shake his administration to the core!

Jefferson's article in Political Flare--whatever that is--shows the homework and investigative depths they were willing to pursue by posting White House photos from Barry Sotoro (Barack), George W. Bush and Bill Clinton highlighting their salt and pepper shakers that were indeed the same size as everyone else had! GOTTCHA DONALD! It's, set, match! This story should be chiseled in stone on the walls of every school of journalism everywhere and in every newsroom in the world. Mark Knowler should be elevated to the Dan Rather--oops poor choice--er, Walter Cronkite chair and his salary renegotiated to at least double. This man has done America, the world, the universe, Rachael Madcow, Stephen Colbert and Robert De Niro a real humanitarian service. Words can't begin to describe how invaluable this investigation means to advance journalism. The bar has been set so high no one else may be able to reach it. Pretty soon Trump's secret that he gets Russian dressing on his salads while other guests have to settle for Italian!

This is a glorious day and certainly let's all the "journalists" at the Communist News Network, BS-NBC and others for their reporting on his man. What effort it took to dig through the archives to find these previously-classified photos to bring them to light after all these decades. What intrepidity it took for Knowler and Pasley to dare go public with at the risk of their own lives. That shows how much they care for their profession and will how magnanimous of them to have the intestinal fortitude to publish this without fear. If soldiers on a real battlefield this is the equivalent of Medal of Honor action. My heart swells with pride that these are colleagues. I can only wish and pray that some day I can expose something half as significant as this. Knowler and Pasley are truly a credit to their employers and themselves! It's a great day for journalism.

And to think, I thought that the Hildabeast should have been prosecuted and put behind bars for something as insignificant as putting top secret information of a personal server that our enemies could access or that she left an ambassador and three former Navy SEALS to die--after all what difference now does it make? Please forgive me...I am humbled by the new gold standard of journalistic excellence!

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