Cooking Up Employment for Restaurant Workers

Three cheers for Chef Guy Fieri who has teamed up with The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to raise money for a Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, which will benefit restaurant employees who have lost their jobs because of this Coronavirus mess. The TV host is currently leading a fundraising drive where 100 percent of the money raised will benefit workers who have lost htier jobs. Starting tomorrow (April 2nd) restaurant workers in need can apply online for a one-time $500 check that they can use toward housing, transportation, utilities, child-care, groceries, medical bills and/or student loans.

If you wish to donate you can go to To qualify you have to have worked in the restaurant industry at least 90 days; primary source of income is from the restaurant industry; experienced decrease in wages or job loss on/after March 10th.

God bless him! These folks are getting the shaft and I'm beginning to think the rest of us are too!