How Rude!

Just when you thought the political season couldn't get any crazier--it did! I'm almost afraid to ask, "What more can happen?" because the powers-that-be might take me seriously. It was already unbelievable enough and then Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg--who had been at death's door for some time--went on to her reward. Don't count me among her fans by any stretch of the imagination. I believe she was an unmitigated disaster. In 2012 Ruthie reminded us that the Constitution was "a rather old constitution." The report from the Hoover Institution Journal reminded us that "In her parlance, old doesn't mean venerable or worthy of imitation." She was speaking, at the time, on Egypt's Al Hayat TV for whatever reason, advising the Egyptians who were drafting a new constitution so she suggested "newer models." She mentioned they should look at some of her favorites: the Constitution of South Africa (1996) or Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982), and another "classic" the European Convention of Human Rights (1950).

Now just because Justice Ginsburg took an oath to "bear true faith and allegiance" to our Constitution does not mean she should recommend it to another country. There could be good reasons why it wouldn't always work depending on the culture...laws should reflect the "spirit" of a nation. As constitutional theorist Montesquieu argued: But it was clear that's NOT what Ginsburg was recommending. She didn't think our Constitution was worthy of being emulated. She was lining up with a couple of authors of a forthcoming article (at the time) in the New York University Law Review indicating the influence of our Constitution was declining with the authors claiming. "it (the Constitution) is increasingly out of sync with an evolving global consensus on issues of human rights." And the more rights the better for Ruthie. The South African has 32 of its 243 sections while our little document has a mere seven sections and a measly 27 amendments that have evolved over almost 250-years. They've also amended their constitution nearly once a year ever since it was adopted.

There are so many anti-Constitution rulings Justice Ginsburg came up with over the years and her love for anyone's constitution but ours proved her disdain for what I consider the greatest document ever written by man. Most countries rewrite theirs over and over again; especially in countries where the government is overturned every few years. Most constitutions aren't worth the paper they're printed on. We protect ours in a bulletproof case and is lowered into a vault in case of emergency. And Ruthie could have cared less.

But last Friday evening (09-18) when President Trump finished up his rally and was told of her passing, he had some very classy "presidential" remarks and expressed his sorrow and sympathy for the family. That's more than we heard from the left. When crowds began to gather at the court that night to express their sorrow--sorrow is not what we heard from the political leaders who showed up. Liar-watha (Elizabeth Warren, U. S. Senator) went before the crowed and turned it into something the Democrats are more familiar with--a mob! In her shrill voice she did a campaign speech before the judge's body was cold. So who's actually presidential and who isn't? Disgusting!

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