This Man Attaches Hummingbird Feeders to His Hat to get closer to the birds

A Santa Monica man created a clever hat to attract hummingbirds. The hat has three bright red plastic ramekins, each with a flower in the center that allows only the tiniest of beaks to poke through. The birds happily chirped as they fed while flapping their delicate wings. The man sat very still while the hummingbirds visited for a while.

I’ve been fascinated with the hummingbirds that come and visit my patio for several years. Every spring they return and nest in the trees across from my home. Not too long ago, I started filming hummingbirds on my patio in the Santa Monica mountains. At the moment, I use my phone to get the footage, while I feed them with my hat.

In 2016, David Fritz Katz shared a video with a similar hummingbird hat.

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