She left the doggie door open but it wasn't her dog that got inside

This might make you think twice before installing a doggy door. Julie Loflin of Greensboro, North Carolina was in bed on Sunday night (July 19th) when she saw a fox slip into her home from the patio through a doggy door meant to be used by her nine-year-old beagle, Duchess. She said the fox came into her room, up onto her bed and latched onto her foot. After prying the animal off she held onto it as she called 9-1-1. During the call she told the dispatcher, “Right on my bed, I’ve got my hand around his neck!” She held onto the animal for 12 minutes until police arrived, broke down her patio door, and removed the fox. It turns out the fox had rabies, and Loflin has since gotten a number of shots, including a rabies vaccine. 

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